The Retro Look of a Circular Rug under a Round Coffee Table

Round Shaggy Rugs

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Retro is cool right now – iconic, kitsch and definitely cool. To bring some of the swinging 60’s or super-hip 70’s vibe into your home, opt for funky circular rugs. Paired with a dark wood round coffee table, your home will be so totally retro it will be the talk of the town!

Disco, baby!

Opt for bright, disco colours when it comes to round rugs – whether you use one under your coffee table or add a few to your laminate floor for a polka-dot effect, you’ve got to keep things bright and vibrant. Fuchsia, lime green, poppy red and vivid terracotta all look super-stylish no matter which room you place them in. For an unusual look, why not partially conceal your round rugs with furniture – this adds a quirky feel to your living space and an air of intrigue for visitors.

Don’t wear it out

In rooms with heavy traffic, such as your living room, rugs can often become worn and tired – it can be time consuming rotating large or heavy rugs to ensure even wear. Circular rugs are easier to rotate thanks to their shape and smaller size, ensuring that they will show even wear and tear and last longer than traditional square or rectangular rugs.

No Slip-ups

If you’re adding a few circular rugs to your wooden flooring, don’t forget to affix anti-slip tape to the back of each rug, as smaller rugs have even less grip on a smooth, wooden surface. Vibrant, striped round rugs look absolutely stunning against natural or dark wood floors and are a great way to add a cosy feel without covering the beauty of the wood with a larger shaggy rug.

Compromise on Space, not Style

For those living in small apartments where space is at a premium, a circular rug is the ideal choice. Round shaggy rugs offer the same luxuriousness softness as traditional rectangular rugs – sit back and sink your feet into the deep shaggy pile as you relax and unwind. Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style; circular rugs are affordable, colourful and add visual interest to even the cosiest of spaces!

Round circular rugs are as much as design element as they are a home accessory – use them creatively to funk up your space and inject some of your personal style into your home. With the wide range of colours, textures and patterns available to choose from online, going retro has never been easier!


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