Never Underestimate the First Impressions of a Rug

Impressive Rugs

What are you thinking about that rug over there, right now? I bet you’d like to sink your feet into its luxuriously soft, deep-pile shag as you relax and unwind. Perhaps your eyes are already wandering as you try to focus on the conversation you’re having with your friend. Maybe you’re already moving over to the other sofa and slipping off your shoes – either way, your friend’s new rug has just made a great first impression.

Go Bold or Go Home

You should never underestimate the impact a rug can have – a bold, geometric rug creates a great focal point for your room and will soon become a talking point. Opt for bright, vibrant colours such as Fuchsia, lime green or tangerine and add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral living room. Bold damask patterns create an instant impression of opulence and grandeur, and will make anyone visiting your home envious of your taste and style.

Luxurious Warmth

There’s nothing better than a deep-pile shaggy rug for making you feel at home, and most people will simply be unable to resist sinking their feet into your rug as they let out a sigh of satisfaction. You may even find visitors out-staying their welcome just to have the opportunity to enjoy the soft feeling of your rug underfoot! Whatever type of shaggy rug you buy, these rugs add warmth and a cosy feel to any room, and are especially comforting underfoot in the winter months, when your home needs a little something extra.
Welcome your Guests

One of the best chances you have to make a good first impression is at the entrance of your home – visitors see your hallway first, and it’s often the most neglected area of the house. You don’t spend time in your hallway, so it becomes nothing more than a passageway to other rooms. Shake things up a bit with a wool hall runner in bright shades of terracotta or red – your visitors will feel like they’re walking along their very own red carpet! Fresh, spring green or azure blue runners invoke a Mediterranean vibe that creates a great first impression on anyone arriving at your home; it’s like bringing the beauty of nature to your hallway. Always ensure that you choose durable materials such as polypropylene for your hall runners, as polypropylene rugs are stain resistant and easy to clean, so they’re perfect for resisting muddy footprints!

Make a great first impression with some of the stunning rugs available to buy online – from deep shag pile and luxurious sheep skin to vibrant floral and geometric patterned beauties.


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