How to Choose the right rug for your home

Modern Chevron Design Rug

Opinions vary as to the function of a rug; on one hand there are some use rugs simply to protect fitted carpet or wood flooring and others use rugs as a decorative centrepiece to a room. With the increase use of real wood flooring in our homes many more large rugs are now used under dining tables and beds. Whatever or wherever your rug is to go, when choosing your new rug, other than colour, there are a few basic things you should take into account theses are size, texture and design.

The Rugs Size:

You will first need to establish the size of rug that you require to cover the area of your floor taking into account the positioning of furniture you are using to compliment the rugs. This can be done with a tape measure by taking the rough length and width of the area you wish to cover. Because manufactures don’t have a standard sizes it is highly unlikely that the rug you select will get the exact size for the area so you will often need to compromise a little, that is to say, you may have to settle for a slightly larger or smaller size.

Modern Chevron Design Rug

When planning to use the rug in conjunction with settees and occasional furniture such as a coffee table, think about the overall effect. The popular option is to sit a coffee table on the rug, however to do this you may require the rug to be fair bit larger than the coffee table or the overall effect of the rug may be lost. In contrast when using a coffee table with a glass top you can often afford to use smaller rugs as the design or texture will be visible through the glass.

When using a rug under a dining table establish whether you require a rug that is large enough to accommodate both table and dining chairs, or just large enough to accommodate the table. Dining room tables are often extendable so don’t forget to allow for this. Popular sizes for rugs under dining tables vary between 160cm x 230cm and 200cm x 300cm.

Using rugs under beds has become increasingly popular particularly on wood flooring as many of us still prefer to step out of bed onto a soft warm rug rather than cold hard flooring. You can use an extra large rug that will cover a large area of unseen and unused area under the bed, whilst there is a degree of waste the advantage is that it will also dampen the sound of creaky old beds echoing around the home. You can also lay smaller rugs each side of a bed a popular bedroom choice for rugs is single or double sheepskins.

The Rugs Texture:
Modern Chevron Design Rug

A rugs texture will vary dramatically from product to product and your final choice will depend upon varying factors including, visual appearance, underfoot comfort and durability. Rugs that have a high degree of intricate design are usually produced closely woven on a short velvet pile, whereas plainer rugs will generally rely on shaggy, twisted or carved textures to enhance the overall appearance. Some rugs will have a combination of textures the most popular being cut and loop, this is a texture of a soft cut velvet pile combined with a harder loop pile.

The Rugs Design:
Modern Chevron Design Rug
Rug designs come in four main styles, Plain, Traditional, Modern or Transitional. Plain rugs use a single colour, classic or traditional rugs are designed using a Persian or Oriental style design usually using a combination of five or more colours. Modern or contemporary rugs use abstract or geometric designs or a combination of abstract and geometric to create a modern design. Transitional rugs are designs that are an amalgamation of traditional and modern designs. A typical transitional design in today’s market would be the many contemporary Damask designs available.


Ah love a bit of flat weave, me!


Elegant Two Tone Designs

That’s flat woven rugs if you didn’t already know. These are rugs that have no pile to speak of the surface texture resembles a blanket rather than a carpet. Many of these are woven like heavy throws using wool, cotton or acrylic fabrics better known as Kilim rugs. You know the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a shop Laura Ashley.. The type of thing you won’t find on our website, simply because in my opinion they are not worth the money. They never stay in place, curl up and move on virtually any surface you put them on. It is literally like having a blanket on the floor.

But it’s the other type of flat weave that I like! The ones produced on Wilton looms and have the backing stiffened to give a rigid stability. With a surface yarn of durable polypropylene woven into the warp and weft (backing) usually with only two to three colours to produce the design. Whats lost on colour is usually made up with the way the yarn skips a row here and there while exposing the weft threads to produce intricate natural textured tones in combinations of herringbone, dogtooth, checks, plaids barleycorn and twills. The Wilton looms can produce virtual high and low yarn finish to create simply stunning effects.


Flat Woven Wilton Rug Pile Surface

I have to admit flat weaves do lack in comfort because they don’t have a soft pile to sink into. But there are many areas in the home where practicality overrides comfort. For example, halls, kitchens and conservatories are typical of a living space that benefit from less underfoot comfort. Easy cleaning is essential in these locations because they are generally the work areas of the home.

These areas of the home are also the most likely to have a hard floor surface and without a shadow of doubt because of the light weight, thin profile a Wilton woven flatweave rug sits better on a hard floor than it does on a carpet.

When you consider your next rug for an area of the home with a hard floor surface, don’t just head for the deep soft shaggy rugs, take a look first at the flatweaves on offer at and be amazed at the stunning designs and weave patterns on offer.

Why You Should Buy Rugs and Carpet runners

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Best Carpet Runners


You want your home to be comfortable and look  beautiful  specially inside.  There are of ways to do this.  You  ensure that the layout is pleasing to the eyes, maximize space. You can put decorative materials on the walls  and  floors.

When it  comes to home decorations, modern rugs and carpets are the best. They are not only used for beautification purposes, but  also for protective  purposes.  They  protect  floors from  premature  damages  and also  protect people from accidents. Naked floors are usually slippery specially when wet  and more than a few people  have been injured because of them.

Shaggy rugs come in various colors, sizes  and designs, so you can always find  something  that suits the overall interior motif of  your  home. If  you want  your home to look up to date, there are many modern rugs  that you can choose from.  Now that  more  materials are available for…

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