Where can I find rugs at sale prices?

Shaggy RugsRugs are back in fashion, although some would say that they never really went away, and if you are looking to join in with fun, you will have plenty of places to choose from for your supplies. But a buying good quality rug is not a throwaway decision and you would be best advised to research your preferred type before going shopping online.

Quality and reasonably priced?

There is often a compromise that shoppers are forced to make with regards finding a well-made rug that suits their budgets. And sometimes the vendor in question is happy to supply a cheaper item that seems to answer this dilemma. Sadly, a few months later, the rug in question is already showing signs of an inferior build quality. Mass produced products can easily be bought from developing nations at a tiny cost to the UK-based buyers. And this is what a lot of disappointed rug customers are finding out.

Rug Zone is different!

You may want to avoid the run of the mill shops that happen to do a sideline in rugs, because Rug Zone are the UK specialists in these bespoke flooring mediums. They have an extensive collection of well-made rugs that can fit any budget without compromising on quality!

But how?

Rugs have always had a high status that is richly deserved due to the history and beauty that each quality product has to offer. In recent years, the rug manufacturing process has come on leaps and bounds and this has affected the cost in a positive manner. Rug Zone also buys its stock in a large enough quantity to be able to reduce the costs to you, the customer.

Enough is enough

Anyway, that’s taken care of the cost issue, so let’s talk about a few rug options that could be the answer to your flooring options:

Hall runners – These are essentially those long rugs that usually adorn hallways and the like. They are excellent for trapping dirt from incoming boots and also make the interior space look rather fabulous.

Persian rugs – Hailing form the mysterious Middle-East, these classic products are beautiful enough to hang on your living room floor, but they are equally at home underfoot.

Shaggy pile rugs – Luxury for your eyes and feet, a shaggy number is just what you need after a hard day in the office or shopping, just perfect!

See you soon?

When you decide that rug shopping is on your to do list, please check our Rug Zone and you could soon be up to your neck in luxury floor medium!


Why consider buying rugs online?

Rugs by Rug ZoneAs is the case with many other items nowadays, there are two ways you can buy rugs, regardless of the type or style you want. You can go to a local carpet store and buy them or you can buy your rugs online. In terms of convenience and ease purchasing online definitely has its perks. You can see the entire range from the comfort of your computer and you’ll be able to choose and buy your chosen rugs quickly and easily with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You’ll also be likely to get a far bigger selection of rugs to choose from. Carpet stores generally dominate their display area with fitted carpets only dedicating a small selection for rug stock. In contrast, online rug stores will be specialists they may even have a warehouse in which they store everything, and they can list it all online for you to choose from. You can see all the sizes and options available and easily browse through the sale items as well. Yes, rugs on sale are easy to find online and there is no opening time to adhere to either.

Of course you cannot see the actual rug in front of you, but with the sizes and options you need plus accurate pictures to look at, what else do you need? You can easily look through the collection, take some measurements and see whether your chosen rug will fit the space you have to put it in.

One of the best aspects of buying rugs online is yet to come. You will get delivery direct to your door, which is especially useful if the rug you want is very big. Even if you have a car you’d have to carry the rug to the car and fit it inside – and that can be a real task. So you can see it is possible to cut out all the hard work involved and get the rugs you want without getting into a pickle while you do so. Even if there is a delivery charge it is more than worth the hassle you will be eliminating from the proceedings.

If you were in any doubt about buying rugs online, your fears should have been assuaged by now. In fact, why not check the latest collections at Rug Zone and see if you can find the very designs you’ve been looking for? With everything in front of you on your computer, you could have just the rug you wanted.

Cool and classic – neutral look rugs for that elegant touch


Quite a well-known design idea is to add a brightly coloured rugs to a neutral room to make a statement but it also works the other way around. If you have gone for a bright strong colour on the walls or paintwork or have opted for a bright sofa or chairs you can tone down the room with a neutral rug. Rug Zone have a fabulous range of rugs in neutral tones and you will soon see that they come in all different styles, from traditional rugs right through to very modern shaggy rugs which depend on their texture for impact.
So many choices

Traditional rugs in pale or neutral tones can’t fail to look really expensive and this is great because only you will know that they have not cost you the earth. Classic Arabic designs have not changed for generations and the pale and ‘washed out’ palette suggests age and value as soon as you lay them on the floor. Budget rugs when bought in a classic design always look good and the wonderful thing about choosing this kind of rug is that they will stay looking good for years and will happily blend in no matter how many times you change your colour scheme.

Family choices

If you have a large family or most of your rooms are high traffic areas you might think that a neutral rug is not for you but in fact there are plenty in the Rug Zone range that don’t mind hard work. By choosing a flat weave rug you don’t have to worry about the pile filling up with mud and all the other lovely things that kids and pets track in. They are easy to keep clean and look good in any environment, but they really come into their own in hallways, conservatories and kitchens.

Neutral rugs

Neutrals don’t have to be light coloured either – going for the darker end of the spectrum also gives a great effect, especially if your room is not bright so much as ‘busy’. Chocolate and coffee coloured rugs make any space look very luxurious and are suitable for bedrooms as well as living and dining rooms. If your surroundings are mostly pale, a shaggy rug in a cappuccino or milk chocolate colour will make the whole room look very expensive, even though you have achieved the effect with a budget rug.

Circular rugs add space and definition

Envy Round Rugs

It is a common misconception that circular rugs are hard to use in a room because they take up a lot of room, but this is not necessarily so. If you are lucky enough to have a large space in the centre of a room a circular rug does look lovely, but it is quite okay to let one of the edges ‘disappear’ under a sofa, chair or other piece of furniture. You still have the other curved edges which can do a lot to soften a severe look, so if you are stuck with a plain decor which you cannot change, a circular rug would be a good addition.

Many traditional rugs are circular and their designs are specifically changed to allow for this shape. Because of this, you can mix rectangular and circular rugs of traditional design without having to use a different motif. The other way of getting a look which takes the eye from one area of the house to another but in different shaped rugs is to stick with one colour. Various different shapes can be used then, but the single shade will make sure that the room does not look bitty and annoying.

Circular rugs are perfect for bold, modern designs, especially some of the floral ones which use a single ‘fantasy’ blossom as a motif, sometimes offset to one side, or in the middle. Modern rugs are easy to furnish with and they go with any kind of decor, even traditional ones as they make such a firm statement that they can almost be considered works of art in their own right. Rug Zone has a wide choice of modern circular rugs which work well in any size, so you could use them under a desk or table or as a centrepiece to a room.

Because Rug Zone hold such a huge stock, you will always find good discounts and you can probably treat yourself to a bigger rug than you thought was in your budget. With a circular rug it certainly pays to get the biggest you can afford as it fills the space better and doesn’t look skimpy. When buying a circular rug, make sure you measure your room in both directions, because a round rug can be a trip hazard if it impedes a door or needs to be folded to accommodate the size.

Can rugs really finish off your new decor?

cot3937natchoDecorating is a really exciting job to do around the house and when it is finished there is a great feeling of satisfaction. Most people start by choosing the predominant colour and painting or wallpapering the walls. Curtains are a big outlay so they usually come next but what is often forgotten is the floors. Sometimes the fitted carpet has to stay for reasons of cost or there is already a laminate or wooden floor, but there is no need to compromise. By adding some inexpensive rugs you can finish off your room perfectly and round off your look without spending a fortune.

If you have done just one room, using rugs to tie other rooms’ decor in with it is a cheap way of achieving a coordinated look without too much trouble. By picking one of the main colours in the newly decorated room and bringing wool rugs through into other spaces, you can really make the whole house look as though it has been decorated too. Traditional rugs have a big part to play here in a reverse fashion – if you bring a traditional rug into a newly modernised room, it ties it in with the rest of the house which might be waiting for its makeover.

You can put the finishing touch to a room by choosing a rug which really underlines the style. By adding a very modern rug to a minimalist interior, you can show that this is the style you are aiming for in no uncertain terms. A shaggy rug will make it clear that this is a room for luxury and relaxation. A rug with a hardwearing flat pile or a natural rug such as raffia or bamboo shows that this is a room where work is done. Rugs are a perfect finish because they are not expensive – in fact you will find cheap rugs on http://www.rugzone.co.uk for under £20 and so you can make a statement in any part of the house for less than the cost of a takeaway!

Successful decorating is largely a matter of knowing when to stop – adding rugs and mixing and matching, especially when you choose cheap rugs, is a great way to have a bit of fun at the end of a long and possibly fairly pricey job and moving them around until you have just what you want to achieve the look you want.

Rugs for sale direct from your friendly internet rug store

Budget Rugs

When you go shopping on the High Street for a rug for your home it is almost certain that you won’t find any of the bigger sizes in stock. This can be really frustrating, especially if you have found a design you like and want to use it throughout the house, including a large centrepiece rug in the living room. Being stopped short because the larger sizes are not available or have to be ordered can be really annoying. If you visit www.rugzone.co.uk you will find an enormous range of … well, of enormous rugs!

Here at Rug Zone we want to make sure that you have just what you want and, just as important, when you want it. Finding the right rug and then having to wait weeks to have it delivered is really annoying, especially if you are doing a bit of a makeover and can’t wait to unveil the results to all your friends. With a rug from the Rug Zone, this isn’t a problem, because we can usually deliver the very next day, from our huge stock.

If you want something a bit special you usually have to spend a lot to get it, particularly if you buy from a store that needs to make a one-off order to get what you want into stock. If you browse our huge range at http://www.rugzone.co.uk you don’t have to worry that you are paying over the odds for a rug that is larger than normal or perhaps a design that is not seen every day. Our competitive prices are across our entire range and so you don’t have to stick to the usual colours and sizes to take advantage of any discounts that are around – all of our prices are the best you will find anywhere and so you will soon have a great rug down on your floor without waiting or spending a packet.

We’re nuts about rugs and probably know all there is to know about them but don’t worry – we don’t expect you to be half so knowledgeable. So if you want to know anything about any of the rugs in our stock (although the details are pretty comprehensive we may occasionally have left something out) then please, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help you out.

There are many websites available offering rugs to buy online, but why should you purchase your next rug online rather than in a traditional carpet shop?

Prices online can vary greatly, but are generally cheaper than shopping for a rug in a traditional store. These companies have lower overheads, so can usually afford to price their rugs cheaper and more competitively. You could order two or three rugs for the price of one at your local carpet showroom.

There is a much wider range of choice available online, and you will be able to find rugs in all shapes, sizes and styles, from traditional oriental rugs to contemporary cream woollen rugs. Many of these websites stock thousands of products, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, they will often be able to help in sourcing it for you. It’s easy to browse through the rugs available, as they are categorised into sections such as Sheepskin rugs, shaggy rugs, runners etc. So if you’re not quite sure what you are looking for, you can browse through various sections from the comfort of your own home.

If you have just moved house, then shopping for rugs is probably the last thing on your to-do list. You’re so busy unpacking boxes that you simply don’t have time to trek out to the store and look at what is available. Why not cosy up at home with a nice cup of tea and browse through the options available online at your leisure. With no pushy salesmen cornering you into buying, you can take your time and consider your purchases more carefully.

Buying a rug online is also a good idea if you don’t have your own transport. Whilst some carpet shops and retail stores will deliver larger orders to you, it can be just as easy to order online and have your new rug delivered directly to your front door, saving you the hassle of a trip to the shops. Many websites will offer discounted or free delivery if your order exceeds a certain amount, so you could order a new rug for each room of your house and still save money.

Buying your next rug online is a great idea as it will save you not only time but money too. With most websites offering a wealth of information and buyer’s guides to help you choose your new rug, shopping online for a rug has never been easier or more affordable.

Why should you buy your Next Rug Online?