Don’t forget the bedroom when redecorating

It depends, but most people tend to decorate somewhere in the house at least once a year. There is something about the lengthening days of spring that make us want to have a bit of a spruce up in the house and the areas most often decorated are the hall, the sitting room and the kitchen. After all, they are the areas that most visitors see and where most people spend a great deal of time. The problem is that there is a limit on how much decorating you can do – either the money or the inclination runs out and yet again the upstairs has been forgotten and looks even dingier than it did when the same thing happened the year before and even possibly the year before that. So, once again, the poor old bedroom loses out.

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Mixing and matching shapes and sizes of rugs for a co-ordinated look

When you move into somewhere new or just fancy a change, using rugs to stamp your personality is a really easy thing to do. Are you a bit of an old-fashioned person who likes to hang on to family pieces and memorabilia? Traditional rugs will probably suit you best. Do you like to chop and change and move the furniture around? Looking for rugs for sale at bargain prices will probably be your best choice, because you can make a difference without spending a fortune. If you like minimalist designs and not too much clutter, you can make a statement with a shaggy rug in an accent colour. But to stop it all looking a bit like a ‘bulk buy’ you can use different shapes and sizes in the same overall style.

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Noisy neighbours and what to do (and what not to do!)

An Englishman’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes and most people find that they are much happier when they can be in their own home and shut the door for some privacy. But lots of people find that the noise made by neighbours ruins their enjoyment of their own space and increasing numbers are contacting their councils or even the police to make peace. In some extreme cases people have actually resorted to physical violence when a neighbourly dispute gets out of hand.

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Charity shop chic

Upcycling and charity shop furnishing is all the rage these days but there isn’t really any need to make alterations or do funky things with paint and decoupage if you buy well to start with. There are some things that perhaps are not what you would want in your home without some serious cleaning and detoxing – second-hand shaggy rugs would probably fall into this category – but antique persian rugs along with any furniture with no upholstered parts are often fine after a wipe through with a damp cloth. If drawers or cupboards smell a little musty, it is easy to put that right with a bag of bicarbonate of soda in a corner, perhaps with a few lavender flowers added to perfume the space.

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The in-laws on the cream shaggy rug
Whether you are setting up home together for the first time or have just got married, you will want to make a good impression on those very important people – your significant other’s parents. It doesn’t matter how long you have known them before they make their first visit to your new home, you know they will be looking around to make sure that this is a fit place for their lovely son or daughter to live. Before you think to yourself that it doesn’t matter what they think – you are a grown up, after all – stop! The in-laws’ opinions always matter, even when they are just plumb wrong.

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Rug Zone featured on ITV’s This Morning Program

One of the strange thing about having an online rug business is the unexplainable peaks and troughs of the sales patterns. At around lunchtime today the server suddenly went into overdrive with an unexpected intake of orders. After quick peek at Google Analytics the Real Time statistics confirmed there was an unusually high volume of visitors to the website.

Further investigation revealed that some of our visitors had seen us on TV. Then it dawned on us, “It must be the rugs we sent to This Morning Program, two days previous”. Yes, Linda Barker was doing a feature “Bring the countryside castle look to your home” and requested one our Antique Effect Medallion Natural Look Rugs in Grey for the feature.

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Nursery furnishings for your new rug rat

When you have your first baby, it is easy to get a bit carried away with buying stuff for the nursery because there are just so many gadgets out there in the marketplace and they all manage to persuade you that you won’t be able to live without them. Some things are important of course and anything that enhances baby’s safety is essential buying, but some of the items costing quite substantial amounts of money are only appropriate for the first few weeks and so you have to wonder whether you really do need them or not.

Cot or crib?

A great big cot is perhaps a bit overwhelming for a small baby but you can buy a carry cot that will fit inside it for the early months. Some of the high end price cots can be adjusted for different bed heights so you can make the same piece of furniture do for years and if you have the cost of one of these in your budget it will certainly save money in the long run.

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