Why do wool rugs shed fibres?

It’s perfectly natural for wool rugs to shed fabric

It's all about rugs

Rugs All wool rugs have an annoying tendency to shed fibres, especially when they are new. But why? There are two main reasons:

1) Wool is cut from a sheep then the short lengths of fleece are spun together into a contuious length of yarn. When the yarn is made of shorter spun lengths it will shed more than yarn made from longer ones. Better quality yarns are usually spun using a longer staple fleece – if the quality of fabric is low or the pile is long it will break up easier and therefore the rugs will shed more. Equally if the quality of fabric is of a high standard the rugs will shed less as the fabric is less likely to break up or break away from the base of the rug.

2) How the rugs are made – there are many ways in which rugs are made, they…

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