Boring Patterns on Larger Rugs

exc7837blk_0Just because you’ve invested in a larger rug for your home, doesn’t mean that it has to have a boring pattern. In fact, choosing a large rug with an exciting, vibrant pattern can help to add warmth and cosiness to a large space which would otherwise feel cold and empty.
Large rugs look great in traditional Victorian terraced houses, which often have high ceilings and wooden floorboards. A huge rug in the centre of the room can really add style and character to these homes, not to mention being warm and comfortable underfoot, as well as a great surface for the children to play on without getting cold.

Traditional patterns such as oriental style and Kazak rug designs look particularly stunning on dark wooden floors in these types of homes. But you don’t have to stick to a traditional style – why not be contemporary and choose a rug with a bright floral pattern in vivid shades of azure and sky blue. If the rest of your room is neutrally decorated, a boldly patterned large rug could be just what you need to inject some colour and style into a bland and boring space.

A patchwork style rug, where each square is a different colour, can be a truly stunning addition to any room, but works particularly well in otherwise neutral spaces. Patchwork rugs can combine crazy clashing colours or complementary shades, with each square hosting a different pattern.
Of course, you could choose a plain large rug for your sitting room, but with so many exciting styles and patterns available, who would want to? A bright lime green striped rug adds colour and a fresh feel to any room, and it’s said that green also represents good luck and tranquillity, so what better colour rug to have in front of your sofa or on the floor by your bed?

Wavy patterned rugs in bright lilac and pink hues might be girly, but they are definitely never at risk of being described as boring. Great for children’s rooms and also said to represent health, pink rugs are a delightful addition to any room where some warmth and vibrancy is needed, as well as a little feminine flair. Or why not opt for a floral rug with red and black flowers and foliage? Choosing two colours which contrast so dramatically adds a touch of elegance and mystery to your home, ensuring that nobody will ever describe your home as boring or bland again.


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