From Rugs to Riches !

qhashghai55497-0.jpgThanks to modern manufacture, there are now many opulent and attractive rug designs that emulate the magnificence of the stately homes of rural Britain or the palaces of Persia. Most Persian rugs feature a central medallion with borders on the edge that reflect the design of the central medallion.

These designs are internationally recognisable, due to their popularity and the huge spread of Persian influence across the Middle East, where these rugs are still produced in their millions. Handmade rugs are generally more expensive than their machine made counterparts, although larger cheaper labour forces in the Middle East and China have sustained the handmade rug industry.

Traditionally Handmade rugs have evolved over the centuries, and more affordable examples are predominantly hand knotted or pulled and made from recycled materials. They do not reflect the same design or manufacture intricacies of the traditional Persian rug, these still carry large price tags.

Fortunately now there are machine made examples of these types of rugs, which are ethically more palatable and good on the pocket too! Bokhara rugs have classic Middle Eastern design, and are not only affordable, but their propylene/wool mix means that they are also very easy to maintain. The Sarouk range of rugs is machine made in Turkey, and includes the classic medallion border designs of Persia.

These rugs are available to fit all the areas of your home with small circular rugs, larger rectilinear rugs and hall runners. With prices ranging from under £20, these rugs, once unattainable for many, are now available to even those on a tight budget. In a range of colours and classic designs, Rug Zone has a great range of oriental and Middle-Eastern inspired rugs.

chatRedIf you were looking to maintain a design motif throughout your home, it has never been easier. Taking a three bedroom home with a living room, dining room, hallway and landing, it is possible to have a large and beautiful rug in each room, runners in the hall and landing for less than £350, a budget which would not let you carpet a living room alone.

With free shipping on larger models, and fast worldwide delivery, check out Rug Zone’s huge range of machine-made rugs, with a detailed list of dimensions and excellent prices, it is possible to design your own décor without having to leave your living room via the online rug specialists’ website.


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