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Rug Zone featured on ITV’s This Morning Program

One of the strange thing about having an online rug business is the unexplainable peaks and troughs of the sales patterns. At around lunchtime today the server suddenly went into overdrive with an unexpected intake of orders. After quick peek at Google Analytics the Real Time statistics confirmed there was an unusually high volume of visitors to the website.

Further investigation revealed that some of our visitors had seen us on TV. Then it dawned on us, “It must be the rugs we sent to This Morning Program, two days previous”. Yes, Linda Barker was doing a feature “Bring the countryside castle look to your home” and requested one our Antique Effect Medallion Natural Look Rugs in Grey for the feature.

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The TV’s designer choice for rugs

Rugzone.co.uk is often the first stop for the interior designers of the ITV’s popular daytime TV show “The 60 Minute Makeover”. If you are unfamiliar with the show it is a lifestyle show where there are usually four rooms in a home completely redecorated and refurnished in 60 minutes, or two sessions of 30 minutes. It’s a tall order and often a pleasant surprise to the unsuspecting householder.

With such stringent time restraints you can imagine that rugs will be a popular option for designers to give a tired room a brand new look. As many of the rooms decorated have existing flooring, rugs make the ideal companions. The shows designers make excellent use of modern wallpapers, curtains and furnishing to create rooms with a totally modern and different look and the rugs on the floor along with pictures on the walls give the rooms that finishing touch.

By far the most popular style of rug used by the shows designers is Shaggy rugs or Shag pile rugs. They range form standard machine made shaggy rugs to hand tufted rugs, leather shaggy rugs produced with rough cut waste leather and new generation sparkling polyester shaggy rugs that are hand hooked or hand knotted by Indian Craftsmen.

In the conventional rug styles black is becoming increasingly popular with designers. Modern and transitional designs offer the designers a great median, often using them in conjunction with matching feature wallpaper to make stark contrasts against wood flooring and lighter furnishings.

In many rooms the designer will want to make a bold statement with a contemporary modern design and look either towards the wool and acrylic abstract handmade rugs or the ultra modern machine made rugs that use sharp coloured polypropylenes. On the odd occasion a room may be better suited to a traditional rug, and in many and again it is not uncommon for the designer to choose a traditional rug with a black theme.

Generally pattern and texture is the first thing the designer will look for, but in many cases there is another important element why RugZone.co.uk become the designer’s choice. Fast Delivery; Rug Zone are a dedicated Internet sales operation with literally thousands of rugs available for immediate dispatch. A rug ordered before 2pm in normally inspected, wrapped and dispatched for next working day delivery. This makes Rug Zone the perfect option when a designer is up against a deadline.

The show will end with a walk around by the surprised householder who has usually just popped out on a shopping trip or a day with the kids. As the presenter takes the householder from room to room she explains what the room was like and what has been done. It is usually the finishing touches that are the thing that draws the most attention from the householder, a few cushions here, a window blind, a picture or mirror hanging on the wall and of course a beautiful rug on the floor

What TV shows such as 60-minute makeover prove is accessorising a room doesn’t actually mean spending a fortune, with careful planning you can change the look of room without the expense of decorating or changing furniture. Simple accessories such as cushions and rugs can give a room a brand new look in under a minute.