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Natural Look Rugs Look Great in the Conservatory

Natural Weave rugs

Natural Weave Rugs ideal for the conservatory

Flat weave rugs are not only durable and stain resistant but they have a natural look similar to sisal, which looks great in conservatories and orangeries. Across Europe, these styles of rugs are increasingly popular due to the prevalence of underfloor heating and hard wood floors.

Choosing a natural rug for your conservatory or orangery ensures that you will be purchasing a durable, stain resistant rug which also looks stylish and complements the room. Basketweave designs are stunning and come in a range of natural neutrals, from sage green to chocolate brown, but bear in mind that lighter natural rugs will show stains and marks more easily. Generally made from polypropylene, basket weave rugs are hardwearing and will last for years to come, with most being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, giving the beautiful appearance of seagrass.

Flat weave polypropylene rugs have the appearance of sisal or seagrass whilst being low profile, and so ideal in spaces where your children play, such as the conservatory. They’re also ideal for high traffic areas such as the hallway or kitchen. A stunning foliage patterned terracotta rug will add warmth to what is traditionally one of the coldest areas of your home. If you’re using your conservatory in the winter months, adding one or more rugs can help you to keep warm and give the room a cosy feel that is hard to beat. Bright colours will also help to warm up a chilly space, so why not choose brick red or lime green for a shot of vibrancy.

Natural foliage patterned rugs look great in a room such as the conservatory, as they help to bring the feel of the outdoors in. Whether you choose pale, pastel shades such as mint green or baby blue, or go for natural colours such as beige and light coffee hues, these rugs will complement the feel of your conservatory perfectly, for a stylish and cosy feel.

Complement your choice of natural rugs with woven wicker furniture for a relaxed feel and summery appeal. In winter, when conservatory floors can become particularly cold and uncomfortable to walk on, snuggle down with matching wool throws and light some scented candles, enjoying the warmth provided underfoot by your new natural rugs.

Choosing natural look rugs for your conservatory is easy, but remember to fit anti-slip backing if your conservatory has laminate or wood flooring to prevent accidents happening.

Rugs that give your home natural ambience

New additions to the Encove rug collection will hit the rugzone.co.uk and iwantarug.com websites early in October. The two new ranges are natural look flat weave rugs that are durable and have the natural look of sisal. Flat weave natural rugs are very popular in most of continental Europe mainly because of their widespread use hard flooring and under floor heating. While the rug is an effective dirt barrier that is extremely easy to maintain the thin profile of the flat woven rug also has the benefit of preventing tripping accidents and it allows more heat to dissipate into the room.

Natural Weave:

Available in rugs and carpet runners Natural Weave is woven in a combination of two designs one a simple herringbone and the other a two tone basket weave effect giving a genuine feeling of natural sisal. The flat weave design of the rug means whilst it is extremely thin, it’s also ultra durable making it ideal for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and under dining tables that have heavy chair movement.
Because the surface and backing rug is produced entirely of polypropylene fibre it has the benefit of making the rug totally impervious to rotting in wet areas meaning it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Natural Flair:

A decorative flat woven Wilton rug and runner that is hardwearing and practical in any room in the home. The styling of the rug gives it the look of natural sisal while retaining the inherent stain resistance and durability of polypropylene fibre. Because of the rugs slim profile it is ideally suited to hard floors that have a high degree of foot traffic making it the likely choice for kitchens, halls and conservatories.

Both ranges of rugs and runners are available in a combination of small to extra large sizes that include a 67cm x 200cm runner.