Choosing rugs as part of a colour scheme

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When you redecorate a room you pare everything down to the basics – walls, ceiling and floor. From this basic canvas you can create some stunning effects you will absolutely love. With a wide array of affordable options to choose from, decorating and recreating a room doesn’t have to be expensive.

Of course you may well want to keep the same sofa and any other expensive pieces of furniture. But aside from this you’ll want to look for new items to help create the new look you have in mind.

If you’ve decided to go for a natural decor theme and look you are in luck. There is a wide range of natural rugs made in pure wool available that will provide that powerful and eye catching finishing touch you are looking for. Naturally coloured rugs such as brown rugs are ideal when creating this type of effect in your home. Brown rugs provide a darker touch that you wouldn’t want to add to your walls, and yet it is perfect for a luxurious rug on the floor.

Brown isn’t the limit of your choices when it comes to rugs though. There are plenty of other natural rugs you can choose from. Various tones of buff, cream and light brown are possible to buy, and you can also get patterned rugs that would fit the bill. The trick is to look around for the colours you want to use, rather than searching for a particular type of rug. This means you will get access to the widest range of appealing rugs you can find.

If you haven’t started decorating yet and you are looking for some inspiration, you may even start with a rug. Plenty of people have seen an item such as this and based an entire room around it. You could do this as well. Alternatively you’ll be looking for a rug that will finish things off nicely once everything else is done.

As you can see, colour schemes can be influenced, inspired or even completed by your choice of a nice colourful rug. It matters little whether you choose a natural colour that fades into the background or something far louder and more eye catching. The thing that matters most is getting the exact rug you want. You can be sure it will provide the extra touch that will turn a nice room into a great room.


Creating the perfect den with rugs

Envy Shag Pile Rugs

You might not think you have room for making a space into a den, but with a little thought almost everyone can manage to create a warm and welcoming space where the family can relax to watch television, play games or just sit and read. Part of the secret in creating this kind of space is in the choice of colours, which should be dark and warm, in the leather and terracotta palette. If you have a spare bedroom you rarely use, this would be ideal. A traditional rug in neutral tones can give a really ‘club’ look and with just this and a bed settee in a leather finish can be all you need to make that rarely used bedroom into a den.

Create atmosphere

You don’t have to have a traditional rug to make the room look like an old colonial setting. You could be a bit more wild and wacky, thinking out of the box with large wildlife rugs, either pictorial or in skin effect. This would be great fun and you can continue the theme with cushions in the same fabrics – a throw would complete the look. Using pictorial rugs, cushions and throws to create a den makes it very easy to revert the room to a bedroom if you need to. In general in fact, budget rugs are a great way to create a temporary look for any room because you can have fun without paying out huge money.

Add accessories

You can make the cosy gentleman’s club look even more intense by using good lighting. If you opt for brown rugs or prefer the more autumnal shades of a terracotta rug you can make the whole thing hang together by getting a brass or copper lamp base to reflect the lovely tones. If you are really on a budget and are clever with your hands, you could probably pick up an old water jug or similar container from a junk shop and convert it into a lamp – kits are easily come by and don’t cost much. With a lot of polishing you can have a great vintage look to go with your traditional rug without breaking the bank. The thing about furnishing a den is that it is meant to be a totally private place, so you can really indulge your own tastes to the max.

What does a polypropylene rug feel like?

A customer asked the question; what does a polypropylene rug feel like? We all have different ideas of what feel’s good and bad so this is difficult question to answer.

When it comes to mass production of rugs the most popular manufacturing method is the Wilton weave. The most popular fibre in Wilton rug production is polypropylene. This is mainly because it’s an easy to produce versatile fibre that bulks well, meaning it either feels chunkier or less fibre can be used to cover the surface of the rug. Polypropylene very efficient on looms during manufacture and is used in a vast diversity of rug qualities from very cheap to relatively expensive, so here is where the confusion can starts. The one consistency with the Wilton woven rug is backing, when you turn the rug over you can see the obvious woven elements of the rug.

Backing of a Woven Wilton

The back of a woven Wilton

Because polypropylene is easy to produce most carpet and rug manufacturers produce the fibre in house using slightly different recipes to produce their own brand. There are two main types of polypropylene, BCF (Bulk Continuous Filament) and Heatset, of the two BCF is the cheaper with a harsher touch. Heatset is more expensive because of the extra processing it goes through to give it a softer touch… But it doesn’t stop there because the question is what does a polypropylene rug feel like, not what does the fibre feel like.

Just to recap: the vast majority polypropylene rugs are woven Wilton’s and BCF polypropylene is cheaper and harsher to touch than a Heatset polypropylene fibre.

Cheap Polyproylene

Singles yarn on a cheap polypropylene rug

Now we need look at how the yarn is spun as this too gives the finished rug a different texture and feel. There are usually two ways the polypropylene is finished, that is single (one ply yarn) and two ply yarn. With a singles yarn the individual filaments of the yarn, that’s the bits the width of a hair, are twisted / spun together to make a thicker stronger one ply yarn strand. This type if yarn is usually used in short pile velvet texture rugs and will give better coverage.

Two Ply Yarn on a Shaggy Rug

Two ply yarn is produced by winding or twisting two singles yarns together, a two ply yarn has more resilience and will normally hold its shape better than singles yarns. Because the yarn is plied together it gives a tighter, firmer feel. Two ply yarns are often used in deeper pile and shaggy rugs to help them keep their shape and appearance.

So that brings us back the question: What does a polypropylene rug feel like? The answer really depends upon the style of rug it is and the quality of yarn that is used. A rug made of a BCF yarn should be cheaper and feel harsher than a rug made with a heatset polypropylene. A rug produced with a two ply yarn should feel firmer than a rug produce with a singles yarn with the same stitch rate (tufts per sq metre).

Polypropylene is probably the most used yarn in the carpet industry, it is highly likely that you already have polypropylene carpets in your home or place of work. One thing is for certain if you are buying a rug made with polypropylene fibre then the manufacturer will have made the best possible handle and touch they can for the money.

In Conclusion: you can be fairly confident that you are generally going get a better quality and a better handle as the price of the rug increases.

Gorgeous Green Rugs To Make Your Day

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Some people think that green is unlucky but when it comes to decorating with it there are few colours as accommodating to mixing and matching as green. Because it is a mixture of blue and yellow it goes with either of those, of course, but it is also a classic partner for a nice clear red as well as toning beautifully with all the naturals from deep brown through to white. Adding green rugs to any room will immediately make it fresh and clean-looking; a pink bedroom which is beginning to look a little childish for a growing girl will immediately take on a sophisticated look with the addition of a fresh apple-green rug.

Gorgeous greens are easy to find – possibly the main problem is choosing which one. Green is one of those colours which you can buy off the peg without taking swatches and colour pots with you to the shops, because you won’t get a clash. All you need to do is decide whereabouts your rug is going to go, the size, shape and pile and then just wallow in all the options. Sea-greens are really good at cooling a room down but for a real accent in a neutral room you can’t beat a bright apple or teal.

For a child’s room you can get their imaginations going with a green rug. It can be a farm, a football pitch or anything they can think of. Green is a good colour for a child’s room anyway because it will grow with the child and will bring a touch of colour to a neutral room if you are decorating for a baby and have chosen not to find out its sex; pale greens can easily match in with blue or pink afterwards and can still be doing a great job in brightening up the room years later.

A green rug is a natural choice for a bathroom and looks wonderful against gleaming white walls and bath. As the only colour in the room it looks clean and yet quite sumptuous and of course goes with any number of bath products, which seem to be in shades of green more often than not. To really complete the picture, apple and leaf smells are often used in bath foams and soaps, so your senses will be together in imagining a fresh spring meadow whatever the time of year.

Carving another designer’s ideas

If you often find yourself lusting after a fashionable home filled with designer goodies you just can’t afford then why not consider going for a cheaper alternative that looks almost exactly the same! Many retailers offer great quality rugs that look the same as the real deal without the hefty price tag, with decor to match!
Invest in some home decorating magazines to get some ideas and then head to your local store where more often or not the selection of rugs and decor will be immeasurable. You can also look online for inspiration. If you know exactly what you want then go for it! Many designs are available and you can get your home looking fantastic for a fraction of the cost. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites containing decoration ideas and advice for free.

Often or not the designer magazines will portray an entire room or house which may make you envious, but with the right rug as your centrepiece it can be easy to copy the look you dream of. Opt for a similar colour scheme with decor and furniture to match, and then use your rug as the focal point to bring the room together.

Many designers use area rugs to really make a room look unique and stand out, and you can do the same with ease. It might take a little while but shopping around for the best prices and deals on the products you want can save you a lot of money.

If you are considering hiring a designer to come and help your design your perfect home then maybe you should try and design it on your own first to see what ideas you can come up with. Many designers have portfolios online or in store and it can be easy to copy the ideas they have without paying for their time. You can use their ideas to design your entire house, using fantastic rugs to ensure a beautiful overall look, with a sophisticated and fashionable finish.

Many people say rugs are usually the centrepiece of any room, even hallways so ensure you get the best one to compliment your decor, or buy your decor to compliment your rugs! With so many ideas and pictures on the market provided by designers you will never be short of an idea to decorate your home with the most modern and up-to-date rugs.

Stripe Rugs and Carpets Innovations

Striped rugs aren’t a new innovation, Gabbah’s, many of which are simple broad striped rug designs made in bright colours have been produced by Persian tribesmen for centuries. They say there is no such thing as an original concept and fashion like the shifting sands will continue to drift and mutate in any direction that the wind blows. While a stripe rug is just that, the sort of thing a child could design, the introduction of colour and texture can make something moderately simple into a complicated and beautiful centrepiece.

The current trend for striped rugs and carpets probably stems from the introduction of the many striped wall coverings presently available. These range from simple broad stripe two-tone to complex varied width stripes in multi-coloured designs. The innovation evolves from vertical stripes to horizontal stripes to diagonal stripes and even zigzag stripes. As the wall covering evolves so too does the home furnishing accessories, curtains, cushions, throws, rugs and carpets all want to coordinate and be an integral part of the stripe revolution.

One of the problems with stripes is too many in a confined space can be overpowering the secret is to use them in moderation. Using striped wallpaper only on a feature wall backed up with striped cushions and a stripe rug is about as heavy as you should take it. When it comes to rugs and fabrics don’t forget about the use of texture, different textures even when they use the same colours can produce an array of interesting effects.

Another example of the innovative use of texture can be found in the Carved Elements rug, the design is an uncomplicated broad and narrow stripe produced in a twist textured polypropylene fibre to ensure appearance retention and durability. Each stripe element has been accentuated by a hand carving separating the colours to give the simplistic design an additional dimension.