Old and new can make a stylish and eclectic mix

Moderrn v Traditional

Now, this isn’t another of those blogs about an eighteen year old marrying a ninety-five year old millionaire – it’s about how to mix and match different eras in your home and it will be a lot more successful than that marriage, that’s for sure! Lots of people decorate with very strict rules about what can be mixed with what and it can end up looking a bit sterile. After all, when they were ‘new’ and ‘newish’ Art Deco and Art Nouveau turned up on the same mantelpiece – people didn’t throw things away just because a brand new trend had surfaced, so there is no need to keep things apart now. When you have paid for a traditional rug, for instance, there is no need to change it because you have made the rest of the décor more trendy – the fact is, the two styles will get along just fine.

Read the full article at encove.blogspot.co.uk


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