The tempting colours of Rug Zone


Strictly speaking, black is not a colour but an absence of it and along those lines it is not really possible to have different shades. Of course, anyone who is interested in interior décor knows that this is not really the case, with many shades of black being available. In nature it is easy to list a large number of different blacks – the blue-black of a raven’s wing; the bloomed black of a sloe, with hints of purple; the rolling black clouds of a thunderstorm on its way. And so it is when choosing a rug to make a real statement. Black rugs are a very simple way to make a room look dramatic and if your decorating style is on the minimalist side, it is an ideal choice.

Accent in a design

If a pure black rug is not for you, a patterned rug with black as the main component is probably the next best thing. A black pattern on a pale ground looks very dramatic and can be either traditional or modern. Thick black swirls look very effective and are easy to team with any other patterned element in a room – black can’t clash with anything because it isn’t a colour. It therefore makes a perfect partner for any other shades you are using and is in fact the only colour you can always team happily with red with no fears of visitors flinching in horror! About the only place black wouldn’t be welcome is the bathroom – think of all that talcum powder!

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