Fed up with your decor? Swap with a friend!

Orange Shaggy Rugs Good to Swap

It’s boring to live with the same old furniture, rugs and soft furnishings day after day and when you just want to die of dullness every time you go into a room it is time something was done. The thing to remember is that if you feel like this it is a fair bet that you are not alone – your friends have probably also got decor boredom syndrome as well. So, why not try a swap – someone’s boring bedroom rug would probably by just the job for zhuzhing up your lounge and that tatty old chest of drawers in your spare room could, with a quick lick of paint, become the focal feature in one of your friend’s studies.

Be clear about what you mean by ‘swap’

To make sure there is no misunderstanding, it is a good idea to make absolutely sure what everyone means by ‘swap’. You might mean ‘let’s just use each other’s bits and pieces for a while and then give them back’ whereas your friend might mean ‘I’ll swap this lamp for this purple rug and then sell it at a car boot next week’. If you don’t thrash out the small print at the very beginning, you might end up in an argument or you might, in the long run lose a friend. And it isn’t worth it, not even for the loveliest traditional rug going. There is no need to have it all written down unless you think it might be necessary – a verbal agreement is fine, as long as everyone understands what is meant.

Make it an event

If you have a favourite charity, you might want to make swapping a fund raiser. If you have the room – or you could hire or borrow somewhere – you could have a coffee morning with entrance being a small charge and one unwanted piece of furniture. You could then put everything in the middle and then at the end of the event, everyone takes a different thing home. Rather as above, you may want to put some rules in place. It would hardly be fair if one person bought a chipped vase and the other a cut pile Chinese rug, but with a little thought, it can work fairly for everyone. Making it a monthly or quarterly event will mean that everyone gets a chance for something new once in a while.


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