Is pet hair a problem in your home?

Pets are a real joy and most people wouldn’t be without their beloved animals but the bottom line is that they do shed hair – almost all the time, if we could see it clearly. In the spring is the worst time because they are losing their winter coats and also older pets do tend to moult more, but the hair can cause real problems in the home, causing allergies and smells. It is also rather embarrassing if guests walk out of your house wearing what looks like half your cat on their bottom! Keeping on top of pet hair is a full time job, but there are some ways to keep it to a minimum.

Stop it in its tracks

Pet hair will mat down into even a short pile rug and will make it look awful, smell terrible and will also shorten its life by rotting at the base of the pile and causing bald spots. Frequent cleaning is obviously one answer, with small accent rugs it isn’t hard to take them out and shake them. Large traditional rugs which can be room size need frequent vacuuming. But easier still is to brush, comb or even (using a pet product, not the domestic cleaner) vacuum your pet, preferably outside, so the loose hair doesn’t get on the rugs, carpets and furniture in the first place. The trick is to persevere even if your pet gets quite grumpy about it – almost all of them come to enjoy the grooming process over time and they will be much healthier without horrid smelly shed hair matting their coats.

Buy a pet hair cleaning product

Most people with pets will automatically tend to choose cleaners with a pet hair solution, such as a turbo brush but if you are not due another vacuum cleaner for a while, there are cheaper options. For small rugs, a good shake outside is an answer and for stair runners there are rubber ‘scrapers’ which can be quickly run over each tread to remove the hair. For shaggy rugs, you can get rug combs, which get the worst out, followed by a shake. The rubber gadget works well on furniture too, or if you don’t even want to go to that small expense, a sponge rung out till almost dry can work wonders. If you wear Crocs, a shuffle along the floor will bring out loads of hair and is good exercise too!


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