Top 5 Interior Design Tips for Tenants

A Round Rug sets the Scene When living in rented accommodation, it can be difficult to create the home you want as interior design options are limited.  Most landlords prohibit any redecorating or home renovations, which often leaves tenants feeling like they are living in somebody else’s home.

However, although renting has these drawbacks they are plenty of ways to revamp a property without reaching for the paintbrush or the hammer.  Whilst permanent alterations are not permitted, it’s good to remember that a comfortable, cosy home needs style and personality, and this can be achieved with the contents of the home rather than the shell.  Take a look at these top interior design tips, specially designed with tenants in mind:

 Make a feature wall

Many rental properties are cursed with countless beige walls, but it is possible to inject colour.  Choose very large paintings, canvases, photographic landscapes to cover most of the blandness on one wall.  In another room, create a feature wall with lots of smaller hanging photographs and plaques.  This will immediately attract attention when people enter the room, and brighten up the colourless space.

Expert tip: Worried about marks from hammering in all the picture hooks? You can buy self-adhesive picture hooks which shouldn’t damage the paintwork when removed correctly.


Another way to show off your design style and character is on the floor.  You may not be able to choose the colour of the carpet or type of flooring but you can always cover it up! Whether it’s a large feature rug, a circular rug or a small hall runner for a dash of colour, rugs instantly make a property homely and cosy.  They are also fantastic for warming up a space with cold wooden flooring.

Bright furniture

If you enjoy DIY projects, then you can use your paintbrush and tools after all! Nothing screams shabby chic quite like an updated piece of furniture, re-painted a vibrant or pastel shade.  This is especially effective for larger pieces of furniture such as tables and wardrobes, which immediately draw the eye in a room.  Who will even notice the plain walls?!

Statement fixtures

A great way to instantly personalise a room is with the fixtures, such as the curtains and light fittings.  Make a statement with a large, bold lampshade or chandelier, and set a mood with the dramatic curtains.

Expert tip: Does the property come complete with all curtains and fixtures? You can still replace them with your own taste – just be sure to keep the originals safe and re-install them when the tenancy is up.

Don’t underestimate accessories
In rooms such as the lounge and the bedroom, never overlook ornamental accessories as a style statement.  A fascinating mantelpiece or intriguing bookcase overflowing with trinkets can make a room stand out from the crowd, regardless of its wallpaper colour.  Similarly, carefully chosen cushions, lamps and plants can have a positive effect.


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