Tempted by the colours of nature

Flat Weave Rugs Inexpensive and Look GoodNatural colours are a great help to the interior designer because they can be used in any combination and will look great. Autumnal colours in particular will never look out of place and if they are used in conjunction with leather and wood the effect is very elegant and can look very expensive too, even with a budget rug from Rug Zone. Natural colours don’t clash with each other, which is a great bonus if you are not too strong on colour choices. If you can find two colours together in nature, you can happily use them together in your home knowing they are harmonious – for example, almost every colour goes well with green, because of the plant connection.

Blue and Green can go together

Some people quote the old wives’ tale ‘Blue and Green should never be seen’ meaning that they clash, but you only have to think of a glade full of bluebells under a canopy of bright spring leaves to know that that isn’t true. The secret of mixing natural colours in rugs or other furnishing is to make sure you choose the right shade. So for instance, you would need to combine a clear blue rug with a sharp green rug for success – a teal rug with a marine green rug would not look anything like as good. This is why autumn coloured rugs can blend so well. Just think of a carpet of shed leaves and use
those colours together for sure success.

Patterns rugs can use natural images

Low Cost Flat Weave Rugs Whether abstract or photographic floral images are used, rugs which incorporate natural shapes and colours look very effective in a neutral setting. For some fun, the ‘skin’ rugs such as leopard rugs or zebra give an amusing lift to a bedroom or you could choose a nice overblown pink rose image to make an accent rug bring some real romance to a girl’s room. Although almost all colours are found in nature, it is a good plan to stick with the more usual ones; although some flowers have been bred to exhibit some really wacky colour combinations they don’t always look that great, so if you are not sure what colour goes with what (and not everyone has a natural colour sense) it is best to think simple; apple blossom, roses, daffodils and bluebells. If you stick to this kind of combination in your coloured rug buying, you won’t go far wrong.


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