Who in their right mind would pick that colour?

Be honest, now, and admit it – you (like everyone else) have walked into someone’s house, looked at the rug on the floor and immediately thought ‘Who in their right mind would pick that colour?’. Whether it is a horrible clash, eye-poppingly bright or just seriously boring, colours don’t have the same effect on everyone. One person’s stylish accent colour is someone else’s colour nightmare and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some colours that should never, ever be put together because although they may be lovely alone, together they are absolutely hideous.

Blue and Green

nom2144blu  green-4

People will argue with this one, because of course blue and green are seen together all the time in nature. Somehow, though, in a decorating sense, they don’t go together because they are too alike, so it looks as though the two items in question should be the same and yet somehow aren’t. Blue rugs are very nice on a tiled floor or in a cool room. Greens are more at home in natural surroundings, perhaps teamed with jute rugs or laminate. If you are not sure, just close your eyes and picture a blue fitted carpet. Now add a green rug. See? Horrible.

Black and Brown


This combination isn’t scarily unpleasant to the eye, just very gloomy and boring. Browns and blacks are both great decorating colours and go very well when you are talking natural products such as leather and wood. When teamed up as two rugs in the same room, they just look very forbidding. They should give an air of a gentleman’s club, but they don’t – the brown makes the black look grubby and the black makes the brown too orangey and cheap looking. A brown rug or a black rug on wooden flooring looks very sophisticated, though. It’s just together they don’t really hit it off.

Fifty Shades of Red


Red makes a fabulous accent shade, but should be avoided unless you have pin-sharp colour vision for putting them together. If you buy red rugs, it is best to buy all the same, because reds just don’t like each other and nothing clashes worse than two ill-chosen reds. Rug Zone has loads of red rugs in their range, but some just should never be allowed in the same room as each other, so tread warily. And, on a personal note, be careful with reds if that is also the colour of your hair – in that case, stick to green!


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