Inspired by the idea of accent colours

The use of accent colours in interior decorating is a classic, which has outlived many fads and fancies, some of them quite extreme. For a rather elegant look, all you need to do is decorate walls, floors and windows with a neutral colour and then just introduce a single splash, usually a primary colour, but sometimes something a little more complex, such as the recently fashionable teal.

Red Shaggy RugRed

Red is the first colour that springs to most people’s minds when planning an accent colour. Vibrant and warm, red is a perfect eye-catcher in a neutral background but it is also notoriously hard to match so unless you buy all of your accent pieces together, you may get a horrible clash. Red accent rugs are a good way of using a single colour and you have the advantage, when using the Rug Zone website, that you can actually take an image of the rug into the room, to see if the colour is okay – reds are usually in one of three main palettes – clarets, pure red and orangey. If you get them too mixed, they start to look very unattractive.


Yellow rugs will make any room sunny. Yellows don’t clash with each other in the same way that reds will so you can buy yellow pieces when the fancy takes you and you know they will look fine together. Shaggy rugs in buttercup yellow are great pick-me-ups for a dark room and also look lovely in a nursery or playroom. Yellow is a colour that makes everyone smile, so accent rugs in this shade are best left for rooms where people tend to be busy – they are not restful, so are best kept out of adult bedrooms. A room with a yellow accent rug will never be sophisticated, but it will be a lot of fun.

Blue Stripe rugsBlue

Blue rugs used as accents can lift a room from boring to beautiful in a moment. Everyone loves blue – it is the colour of a summer sky, of warm holiday waters and of bluebells; use it sparingly and it can bring memories flooding back of holidays and warm weather. It is at its best as an accent colour, because too much of it can make a room rather cold. A pale laminate floor with a pale blue traditional rug centred on it will look both stylish and elegant.


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