Love ‘em, or loathe ‘em, an oak floor needs a rug

monColMulAn oak floor really looks the part and can add so much value to the way your home is perceived. As well as positively oozing class, they are extremely hardwearing and can last for decades when cared for effectively. But an oak floor on its own is not always enough, and perhaps an equally classy rug could actually make the whole setup even more attractive?

Hard and soft

A little like Yin and Yang, hardwood floors really come into their own when matched with a lovely feature rug. The rug offers a haven from the cold and somewhat unforgiving wooden floor and if you manage to get the colour scheme right, everybody is a winner!

Combinations that work

When your oak floor is nice and light, you can choose from so many cool tones to complement it rug wise. Shopping for your rug is something that shouldn’t pose a problem, especially when you try out Rug Zone for the first time. They have all styles and if you ask for a good match to suit your hardwood floor, you can narrow the choice down nicely.

Other flooring mediums

Perhaps you have a classy stone floor that is crying out for some rug loving as well? Rugs certainly are not fussy about who they hang around with, and we’ve seen plenty of sweet combinations that have raise a few eyebrows in the style department. When your kiddies’ playroom has an easy to clean, yet rather hard, laminate floor medium in place, perhaps a soft and shaggy rug is the order of the day? You could always check out the Rug Zone’s children rugs section and a few of their action hero prints will certainly make you the flavour of the month.

Remember the Cybergold for Rug Anti Skid

For those who worry about the rug and hard floor parting company on a regular basis, you should have no fear on that part. Simply order some Cybergold from Rug Zone and the two entities will never be parted. Well, until you decide to polish the floor and give your trusted rug a nice spring clean.

Rug Zone

If you’ve never had the chance to try Rug Zone’s excellent wares, we’d recommend that you do so before trying elsewhere. Instead of the carpet stores who masquerade as rug specialists, Rug Zone are the real deal and you are sure to find the perfect rug for your lonely wooden floor!


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