Could you live with that blue and brown rug?

SplinterTealThey say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison and this is particularly true as far as personal taste in colour schemes is concerned. For some of us, as long as the rug is a nice shade of purple, everything else pales into insignificance, or you may have a penchant for lime green tones, but that’s entirely up to you. So if you are a little on the choosy side when it comes to picking the coolest shades for your shaggy or contemporary rug, let’s talk it about it right now.

Details matter

Choosing your ideal rug colour scheme may not be on the same level as rocket science but it needs to be taken just as seriously. You have to take the overall colour scheme and features of the target room before going for your number one choice. If the room has a very blue feel, you’d be foolish to pick something that clashes really badly.

Bold or subtle

Maybe if your room is understated, it would be an idea to go for a contemporary rug with a rather brash symbol woven into the product? And the beauty of these flooring solutions is the sheer versatility once you’ve bought them. You can easily move the rug around each week until you’ve found the perfect resting spot, for now.

Traditions are made to be broken?

For a more sedate theme, you can’t go wrong with a traditional rug with a toned down colour scheme. They kind of melt into the background but are ready and waiting to be counted when required. Natural look rugs are a great style choice that can offset your feature wall nicely, and they won’t cost you an arm of a leg when you pick one.

So convenient!

Accidents do happen, especially when kids are around, and that nightmare stain that occurs when fruit juice hits pure wool is definitely not an issue for your favourite rug. You can simply move the whole product and treat the mishap until everything is back to normal. And Rug Zone offer some excellent cleaning products that will take care of pretty much anything your little devils can throw their way.

So…what’s your choice?

For those households who find it hard to agree on a perfect rug design, there is a solution that works. Simply check out the great rug selection and choose one for each family member. You can rotate the flavour of the week in the main room and that way, everyone is happy, especially as far as their feet are concerned anyway!


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