Marrakech Expressions… simple and beautiful

Moroccan style Nomadic rugs

Now available from Rug Zone machine woven Moroccan style rugs.

The vibrant colours, sights and sounds of the bazaars of Morocco are intoxicating and beautiful. The textiles produced in this part of the world are renowned for their style, quality and versatility. Moroccan rugs can bring a sense of the exotic to your own home.

Online rugs are available from all over the North African region in a wide variety of patterns, colours and materials from warm comforting deep-pile wool to simple and durable raffia.

Transform your hallway with classic Berber hall runners in earth tones or more vibrant colours with astonishing geometric designs, or more unique patterns. These long rugs are now readily available in the UK handmade by Moroccan tribes. Not only are these rugs produced for the existing market, but there are many rugs which are vintage and can be a hundred years old, which can be more expensive but are perhaps more desirable for authentic Moroccan or North African style.

The Ben Ouarain

The Beni Ouarain of the Atlas Mountains produce rugs in cream with black geometric design and have become popular additions to design magazines and show-homes. It is easy to see why, as these large rugs, made with the wool of their own sheep would fit into most homes.

The Merzouga

The Merzouga rug men of Southern Morocco produce highly intricate and colourful rugs which can bring a wonderful splash of colour to any room, and can be made to order in any size from large rugs to small bathroom or office rugs. These recycled wool rugs are available online and are works of art as well as functional floor coverings.

Simple Style

Moroccan rugs are not only for those who want geometric designs and colour explosions that recall the design of North Africa. Giant rugs in simple monochrome colours will fit perfectly with traditional or contemporary colour schemes and décor.

Create your own style

The majority of Moroccan rugs are now available to order to specifically suit your requirements in terms of size and colour. This means that you can now create the perfect rug for any room in your home, although the vast majority are rectilinear and oval rugs or circular rugs are harder to come by.

Rugs to suit your wallet

Although many Moroccan rugs are handmade and some are antique, this does not mean that these are rugs for the rich and famous. These opulent rugs are available to suit most budgets.


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