Traditional Style Rugs

Moroccan Tribal Design Rug

Moroccan style rugs in traditional tribal designs that break from our idea of a traditional rug

Not all interiors suit contemporary décor. The UK has long been revered across the globe for its architecture, particularly Georgian and Victorian buildings. As well as animal skins, woven rugs were important status symbols for the grander home. Size, intricacy of design and material were all-important factors for the social elites. Today social standing is less of a consideration, but heritage and authenticity has never been more desirable. For those who wish to keep fixtures and fittings authentic, there are some modern reproductions of classic traditional design available to give your home all the classic touches.

The wool trade was very important to medieval England and it became an export and manufacturing centre within Europe. As such, it was also the centre for rug making. Commissions for the wealthy including their coats-of-arms were commonplace on the uncarpeted stone floors of the late medieval/early renaissance period. Italy and France were also at the forefront of design and created beautiful examples in wool and silk. As trade routes expanded, rugs from the orient and Middle East became very popular, but during the Victorian gothic revival, there was a return to the traditional design rugs of Europe.

These rugs do not survive, and do not find their way on to the market very often. There are some very good examples that combine classic design with modern materials and modern colour schemes, available in cream and terracotta as well as more authentic dark blues, reds and black.

The Victorian obsession with Empire and in particular the Far East means that Persian and Oriental rugs are also good choices to create traditional style. Visiting stately homes in person or online can help to give an idea of the type of designs that would give the best impression of authenticity.

Shape and size are also considerations. A living room would likely be home to a large highly ornate rug, as would a reception, where a staircase or upstairs hallway would be home to a runner rug. Coffee tables, desks and bureaus may well sit on top of a circular rug.

The ‘English Manor’ range available at Rug Zone includes a wide range of medieval and Middle Eastern-style rugs, including hall runners, circular and oval rugs, and rectilinear rugs in many sizes. The intricate patterns and dark earthy colours would look perfect in a Victorian study or wood panelled living room, there are also more contemporary colour schemes in the Pure Indulgence range of Moroccan style rugs that would fit in with a more modern look.


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