Choosing rugs as part of a colour scheme

New rugs by Rug Zone

When you redecorate a room you pare everything down to the basics – walls, ceiling and floor. From this basic canvas you can create some stunning effects you will absolutely love. With a wide array of affordable options to choose from, decorating and recreating a room doesn’t have to be expensive.

Of course you may well want to keep the same sofa and any other expensive pieces of furniture. But aside from this you’ll want to look for new items to help create the new look you have in mind.

If you’ve decided to go for a natural decor theme and look you are in luck. There is a wide range of natural rugs made in pure wool available that will provide that powerful and eye catching finishing touch you are looking for. Naturally coloured rugs such as brown rugs are ideal when creating this type of effect in your home. Brown rugs provide a darker touch that you wouldn’t want to add to your walls, and yet it is perfect for a luxurious rug on the floor.

Brown isn’t the limit of your choices when it comes to rugs though. There are plenty of other natural rugs you can choose from. Various tones of buff, cream and light brown are possible to buy, and you can also get patterned rugs that would fit the bill. The trick is to look around for the colours you want to use, rather than searching for a particular type of rug. This means you will get access to the widest range of appealing rugs you can find.

If you haven’t started decorating yet and you are looking for some inspiration, you may even start with a rug. Plenty of people have seen an item such as this and based an entire room around it. You could do this as well. Alternatively you’ll be looking for a rug that will finish things off nicely once everything else is done.

As you can see, colour schemes can be influenced, inspired or even completed by your choice of a nice colourful rug. It matters little whether you choose a natural colour that fades into the background or something far louder and more eye catching. The thing that matters most is getting the exact rug you want. You can be sure it will provide the extra touch that will turn a nice room into a great room.


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