Have fun – budget rugs for playrooms and family spaces

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It doesn’t really matter how you put it, the bottom line is that kids and dogs (not forgetting cats, hamsters, rabbits and the rest) all make a mess and it can sometimes be an uphill struggle keeping a home nice. Being a parent is pretty tough and sometimes you may feel as though all you do is nag so anything you can do to minimise this has to be good. One of the best ways of making sure you don’t become a permanent dragon is to choose furniture and floor coverings that you don’t need to worry about. Obviously you have to teach children to respect their surroundings but if you have budget rugs in your playroom or family room you needn’t worry too much about dirt and spills.

Child-friendly rugs

That said, you want the rooms to look nice – having friends round is one of the joys of childhood and the kids want the place to be somewhere they can be proud of. Buying budget rugs from Rug Zone is a great way to have a wonderful choice of all different styles and size of rug but without spending the earth. If you really do feel you want to keep the place clean all the time, you could opt for a flat weave rug, which is simplicity itself to freshen up if it gets dirty. If you are not so bothered but still want something quite easy to care for you could go for a modern rug with a short pile. If you are very brave you could choose a shaggy rug, but a word of warning; a lot of Lego can hide in there and it makes the budget rug a bit of a trap for bare feet!

Make your kids feel alive

Children love bright colours and they do stimulate their play. If you want to give them a great environment, you could be very inventive and buy a whole lot of budget rugs in different colours and textures to allow them to create imaginary play spaces. A brown rug with a short or sculpted pile could be a ploughed field; a black rug could be a road; a modern green rug with a glossy pile could be a lawn or meadow – the sky is the limit and on that subject, why not get a blue rug for the sky. You will be voted the best parent in town, and all for Rug Zone’s famous budget prices.


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