Cool and classic – neutral look rugs for that elegant touch


Quite a well-known design idea is to add a brightly coloured rugs to a neutral room to make a statement but it also works the other way around. If you have gone for a bright strong colour on the walls or paintwork or have opted for a bright sofa or chairs you can tone down the room with a neutral rug. Rug Zone have a fabulous range of rugs in neutral tones and you will soon see that they come in all different styles, from traditional rugs right through to very modern shaggy rugs which depend on their texture for impact.
So many choices

Traditional rugs in pale or neutral tones can’t fail to look really expensive and this is great because only you will know that they have not cost you the earth. Classic Arabic designs have not changed for generations and the pale and ‘washed out’ palette suggests age and value as soon as you lay them on the floor. Budget rugs when bought in a classic design always look good and the wonderful thing about choosing this kind of rug is that they will stay looking good for years and will happily blend in no matter how many times you change your colour scheme.

Family choices

If you have a large family or most of your rooms are high traffic areas you might think that a neutral rug is not for you but in fact there are plenty in the Rug Zone range that don’t mind hard work. By choosing a flat weave rug you don’t have to worry about the pile filling up with mud and all the other lovely things that kids and pets track in. They are easy to keep clean and look good in any environment, but they really come into their own in hallways, conservatories and kitchens.

Neutral rugs

Neutrals don’t have to be light coloured either – going for the darker end of the spectrum also gives a great effect, especially if your room is not bright so much as ‘busy’. Chocolate and coffee coloured rugs make any space look very luxurious and are suitable for bedrooms as well as living and dining rooms. If your surroundings are mostly pale, a shaggy rug in a cappuccino or milk chocolate colour will make the whole room look very expensive, even though you have achieved the effect with a budget rug.


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