Creating the perfect den with rugs

Envy Shag Pile Rugs

You might not think you have room for making a space into a den, but with a little thought almost everyone can manage to create a warm and welcoming space where the family can relax to watch television, play games or just sit and read. Part of the secret in creating this kind of space is in the choice of colours, which should be dark and warm, in the leather and terracotta palette. If you have a spare bedroom you rarely use, this would be ideal. A traditional rug in neutral tones can give a really ‘club’ look and with just this and a bed settee in a leather finish can be all you need to make that rarely used bedroom into a den.

Create atmosphere

You don’t have to have a traditional rug to make the room look like an old colonial setting. You could be a bit more wild and wacky, thinking out of the box with large wildlife rugs, either pictorial or in skin effect. This would be great fun and you can continue the theme with cushions in the same fabrics – a throw would complete the look. Using pictorial rugs, cushions and throws to create a den makes it very easy to revert the room to a bedroom if you need to. In general in fact, budget rugs are a great way to create a temporary look for any room because you can have fun without paying out huge money.

Add accessories

You can make the cosy gentleman’s club look even more intense by using good lighting. If you opt for brown rugs or prefer the more autumnal shades of a terracotta rug you can make the whole thing hang together by getting a brass or copper lamp base to reflect the lovely tones. If you are really on a budget and are clever with your hands, you could probably pick up an old water jug or similar container from a junk shop and convert it into a lamp – kits are easily come by and don’t cost much. With a lot of polishing you can have a great vintage look to go with your traditional rug without breaking the bank. The thing about furnishing a den is that it is meant to be a totally private place, so you can really indulge your own tastes to the max.


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