Choosing the best budget rug for the space

Ziegler rugs

Any room looks better for a bit of a makeover and if you are getting bored with anywhere in your home, an inexpensive rug can make a huge difference for very little outlay. Rug Zone rugs are all bargains, not because they are of cheap construction but because there is such a huge stock in the warehouse ready to go out on next day delivery the prices can be low due to discounts from the manufacturers.
Cheap rugs can look expensive

Making an inexpensive rug look more like a costly one is largely a matter of making sure that it is the right one for the space you buy it for. A traditional rug always tends to look expensive because people equate them with native rugs brought in at great expense but if you put it in the wrong place the effect is lost. Similarly, a modern rug which is put in a traditional setting will look all wrong and will tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Making the most of savings means using a little design knowledge and then your budget rug will look great.

Colour schemes

Choosing the right style is just the beginning, you also need to look at colour schemes although this does not necessarily mean that the rug must slavishly match. Taking a single colour from a small motif in a curtain or cushion and bringing it to life in a coloured rug can make the whole room as though it has been designed by an expert. Buying your inexpensive rug on line makes the colour choice very easy, as you can have your laptop in the room in question, so you can see for yourself how it will look.

Add texture

Textured rugs always look more expensive and they look wonderful in almost any room. If you make sure that your shaggy rug gets a good shake about once a week you will keep it looking good for longer and you will also stop the shedding which can be a problem if you don’t take care. If you choose a shaggy rug to give your room a lift, you can go a bit wild with the colour, because it will be such a feature that you can be sure that everyone will notice it and comment. One thing they won’t notice is its low price, because budget rugs from Rug Zone look great, not cheap.


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