True Blue Rugs, the Ideal Bedroom Choice

Modern Chevron Design Rug

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, usually in our bedrooms, and so they should be a relaxing, calm and peaceful space in which to unwind and de-stress. Blue rugs are an excellent choice for this space, as the colour blue is a cool colour which soothes us mentally. Blue was also traditionally thought to heal illnesses and relieve pain, which might explain why many hospitals choose blue uniforms for their staff and blue décor.

Adding a blue rug to your bedroom can create a calm and peaceful environment for sleep. Whether you choose a round royal blue rug or a feminine floral rug in shades of pale turquoise and cream, adding some blue to your sleeping space is a great idea.

One of the risks when decorating in the colour blue is that it may leave rooms feeling cold. Combat this by decorating your bedroom in neutral shades such as white or magnolia, and using blue as an accent colour, for example by adding blue curtains, a blue rug, cushions or candles. Choose brighter, warmer shades such as turquoise or azure if your room is north facing, as these will help to add warmth and vibrancy to a chilly space. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm, you can probably get away with pale sky blue and deep shades of cornflower or royal blue, as these will cool and soothe you on hot, sticky summer days.

If you want to add some blue to your room without it becoming overpowering, then why not choose a rug which is chocolate brown and turquoise. These two colours complement each other perfectly, and you will benefit from the calming effects of blue whilst the chocolate brown will add warmth and a contemporary feel to any space. Add brown curtains and some turquoise accents such as candles and cushions, and you have the perfect combination of cosy and calm.

Combining blue with purple also makes a room feel less cold, and a rug in shades of royal blue and violet will give you the best of both worlds, adding a feminine touch and a warmer feel than a solid blue rug. These rugs look great in bedrooms or studies; purple is said to encourage creativity and individuality, so it’s a great choice for a study or office.

Blue rugs look great in any room in your home, but are best in the bedroom, where they will help you to unwind and feel calm; leave the red rugs for the kitchen and living room.


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