Falling in love with floral rugs

When choosing rugs it is important to get the right pattern to suit your designated room. One of the most popular rug choices is a floral rug. They can immediately change the look of a room, giving it life and vitality, whilst keeping it fresh and stylish. You can really make a statement with floral rugs, some may find them too feminine or bold, but you can get floral rugssev4628-whi in subtle patterns and neutral tones, or perhaps use them in a place you may not have considered before.

Floral rugs can vary dramatically in look which can change the overall dynamic of the room. The lighter, brighter, bigger patterned rugs can make a room seem cheerful and light. Smaller, darker patterns can create a masculine and sophisticated look without being overpowering on the eye. These darker patterned rugs are great for the Study and go great with leather furniture.

Choose a less dramatic, neutral floral rug for a bedroom to compliment soft colours and subtle decor. On the other end of the scale, you can still use the neutral floral rug but with bright, loud block colours to bring the atmosphere of the room together.

Floral rugs are brilliant for young girl’s rooms, use classic pinks or oranges and yellows that can last for a long time whilst updating the decor around it. Wall to wall rugs can protect a carpet, and especially in a child’s room, choosing a large floral rug can help mask stains as they won’t be too obvious with the pattern.

If using a floral rug to compliment a room, ensure that many block colours are used and heavy designs are limited. This helps reduce the danger of clashing and ending up with a room that looks cluttered and can therefore be hard to relax in. Certain colours of the floral design should match some of the decor to keep your room in sync; creating a great relaxing area that visitor’s will be impressed by. You can choose several smaller floral rugs to create a unique pattern, to place under different items of furniture and make the look of your room completely your own.

Floral rugs will liven up the dullest of days, reminding you of great weather and warmth which can reflect on the overall atmosphere of the room.


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