Round rugs are more than a fashion statement

Circular / Round Rugs

Shaggy Circular / Round Rugs

Many people like to take pride in their home and ensure that they are keeping in with the current fashion trends that are so often advertised by home designers in catalogues, online and in-store. One of the key staple pieces of a stylised modern or traditional house is a rug. Rugs are so versatile; they can be used almost anywhere and come in thousands of combinations of designs, colours, sizes, shapes and materials. Round rugs are one of the key pieces to use at the moment due to the way they can revitalise a home and give a unique visual effect when used in certain ways.

Circular rugs can be used under key pieces of furniture such as the coffee table to create a centrepiece to your living room. Placing a circular rug under the bed can look fantastic especially if the symmetry is off giving a really stylish and sophisticated look. Round rugs can be complemented with angles and certain placing or furniture, either around or on the rug itself. If you find your room is very square or rectangular, with either the shape or the furniture that’s in it, a round rug can add dimension and create a bit of a barrier between the mundane and ordinary shapes you may have already in place.

It is however important to realise that round rugs are more than just a fashion statement; they can change the atmosphere of a home, essentially giving a warmer and cosier feel to your room. There are so many materials, colours and designs available that it would be impossible not to find one perfect for your home. Lighter colour round rugs look amazing on darker coloured floors and will definitely stand out, giving a more luxurious and spacious feel with the benefit of added style. Use colour contrast to decide on the colour of your rug, be bold and daring and you may be pleasantly surprised with the result. For a calming and tranquil effect choose a neutral patterned round rug in front of the fireplace, this works especially well in country homes that are now so popular with homeowners in the current market.

It is true that round rugs can really be used anywhere throughout your home to create a great sense of style with added warmth and cosiness that can only really be achieved with the right kind of round rug.


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