The New 2013 Deko Air Jersey now in Long and Short sleeve options.

Don’t you find it ironic that many conspiracy theorists predict the World will end just because the Mayan calendar ends on the 21st December 2012, which coincidentally also so happens to be the Winter Solstice. Many ancient civilisations including the good old British Pagan measured the passing time using the sun at its highest and lowest ebb. So, the winter solstice is a perfectly logical place to end the calendar, I’m sticking with my prediction that the world will end on 30th February 2372. However, just in case I’m wrong we are offering the newly designed 2013 Deko Air Cycling Jersey for pre end of world and for pre Christmas delivery.

New 2013 Deko Air Cycling Jerseys

New 2013 Deko Air Demios colours with long sleeve and longer body

Old Air Deimos Jersey Styling

2011 Air with Shorter Body Styling

I was going to say the new Deko Air cycling jersey in both long and short sleeve is “The dawn of new era”, but like the end of world claims that may be a little “over the top”. The styling of the jersey has simply been re-coloured and restyled, tweaked to better suit the demands of the average British cyclist. One of the big criticisms we received on the old version of the jersey was: “I Like the Euro styling but not short body”. A contradiction in terms, maybe, but what’s fairly clear is this shorter “club fit” styling may suit Johnny foreigner, but us Brit’s want our bums covered and our rear pockets lower and more accessible. As you can see from the photos of the long sleeve version the front body length is now roughly the length of your arm to your wrist. You can now go for a tighter fit and still retain a good degree body length.

We introduced the “Deimos”, long sleeve version of this jersey in 2011 in a range of different colours to the “Tethys” short sleeve. For 2013 we have brought the ranges together to give the same colour options in long or short sleeve. We have added popular Black, Blue and Red options to the range while still retaining a high degree of white elements to the designs to help increase visibility on the road. You can now have the same style and colour option in both long and short sleeve.

New 2013 Deko Air Cycling Jerseys

New 2013 Deko Air Tethys colours with short sleeve and longer body

We are still using the D-Vento fabric which as a super cool knitted, stretchy, breathable material and we stuck with the quarter zip although there was some debate about moving to a full zipper. We assumed that even the most vain road cyclist only wax their legs. So with that in mind we decide that on a light weight body hugging cycling jersey the full length zippers caching chest hair can often make the eyes water. The tighter fit also means the jersey can double as an extra layer on cooler winter days.

All in all we believe the 2013 Deko Air Cycling Jersey has been thoughtfully restyled around the typical British cyclist.


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