Oval shaped rugs for under an oval table

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A rectangular room with an oval table can sometimes give an odd effect. An oval rug under the table can soften the look instantly whilst adding style and sophistication and letting people know your attention to detail. If you have an oval coffee table then complement it with oval shaped rugs that just overlaps the size of your table. The same effect can also be used for an oval dining room table, just ensure the size of the rug accommodates for the chairs to be pulled out as well, as the legs should definitely not slip over the edges. You should also consider the fact you may want to extend your dining room table and accommodate for this event also. Oval rugs can really be placed anywhere, as a welcome mat in the hall way or even in your kitchen on the floor by the sink or the fridge. They are a great change from the normal rectangular rug and can be very visually appealing if used in the right way.

As oval rugs are usually used on a wooden floor care must be taken to ensure the rug won’t slip. Obviously if the rug is held down by a table then this should not be an issue but slip proof padding can be purchased and attached to your rug to ensure there are no accidents. You can use oval rugs to contrast against the shape of a table rather than match it. A rectangular table in a rectangular room can be broken up with an oval rug under the table. This gives a unique and stylish effect that can quickly alter the look of your room with this one singular item.

Oval rugs are available in a multitude of sizes so finding one big or small enough shouldn’t be a problem. They are also available in a reasonable variety of materials, patterns and colours but not as widely available as the typical rectangular rug, so finding an oval rug with all of the features you desire can often be the hardest part. There are quite a few patterned oval rugs available that often are more traditional than modern. These are great for classic homes with dark wooden features and elegant decor without bold colours or modern patterns. Oval rugs can be found with modern patterns and brighter colours but be aware that the variety is quite limited.

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