What’s black and white and walked all over?

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If you feel your home is lacking something or your room is looking a little outdated and perhaps you’re bored of the decor and style you already have then a zebra print rug could be just what you need to add a bit of fun. Zebra print rugs come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes so you don’t have to get just any standard rectangular rug. There are many ways you can present zebra print rugs to give a great updated look. A rug under the coffee table always looks great, but if you have a zebra print rug under a glass or light coloured wooden coffee table this gives a great effect straight out of a designer catalogue. A zebra print rug under the sofa or bed gives a fantastic focal point, drawing the eye to the furniture and that basic area making it stand out from the rest of the room. Even a circular rug under a side table can change the look and feel of a room, making it appear stylish and cosier. Some people may even want to consider a wall rug to add a modern edge to your home without the need for expensive paintings or redecorating your entire room.

An area rug is a bold move when considering a zebra print rug; it is just like having a zebra print carpet. This might make some people recoil in horror but it’s actually not a bad idea. Area rugs will protect your carpet whilst adding style and sophistication to the room. A zebra area rug will give a modern look to a room but it is important there is not too much going on already; if there so many patterns and designs it can be impossible to relax. Zebra rugs are a great choice for those who love animal prints but don’t necessarily want a real animal hide on their floor. A zebra print rug in front of the fireplace can look amazing and comes without the ethical issues, unless it’s a real zebra of course. Zebra print rugs will always look fantastic in the bedroom. As they are black and white they will go with near enough any colour as long as the designs are minimalistic and not too overpowering. One of the best colours that zebra print goes with is blue, and any shade will be great. This combination gives an edgy, modern look without being tacky.


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