Extra back and butt support with bib shorts

Why would you choose bib shorts over something less flashy? After all, perhaps you do enjoy mountain biking or some other form of ‘more energetic than average’ cycling but don’t necessarily want to look like an Olympian?

At this point you really have to start thinking about yourself. Don’t fixate on how others perceive you. Concentrate on how much you enjoy your cycling. And if you enjoy it a lot, are there ways you could improve the experience?

Of course there are always ways to improve performance. There are many accessories available to you – padded undershorts, jerseys, gloves, leg warmers and many more. But bib shorts are amongst the best, which is why you should give these important items of cycling clothing some serious consideration.

While bib shorts are built for supreme aerodynamics, there’s a whole lot more to them. They provide excellent back support, not to mention cushioning that crucial point where body meets bike seat! What about simple comfort? The lack of a waistband ensures there are never any issues with your gear riding up your body or loosening. The bib shorts stay moulded to your physique, allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand. Bib shorts will keep the chamois in place, which is especially useful when you’re jumping in and out of the saddle a lot during terrain biking.

A common gripe is the temperature issue. The Lycra effect does look a bit smothering, doesn’t it? However, bib shorts are specially designed. Examine them close-up and you’ll see that while they might resemble the restrictive covering of wetsuit from a distance, they are actually built with a layer of light mesh. This allows the garment to ‘breathe’ very well. This helps to wick sweat, like a base layer.

How to choose your bib shorts is always an issue. Unlike choosing other items of cycling clothing, where you can usually select based on your normal garment sizing, these can vary between brands. It’s really recommended to try before you buy. Sometime you can discover straps that are so loose fit you might as well be wearing normal shorts. Another tip is to buy your bib shorts based on wearing them on your bike. This might seem like common sense but you get a far better idea of how the shorts will fit as you sit on the saddle, rather than preening in front of the mirror!


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