I stumbled upon this article and thought it made perfect sense when planning a rug for your room

my sky is the limit

I posted recently about a collection of some gorgeous grey pillows; a very affordable and easy way to change up your room’s design and color scheme!  One more way to change up the color and texture in a room is the rug!!

A little tip when selecting the right size for the room- the front two legs of all the main pieces of furniture need to be resting on the rug!  This way, the pieces all feel grounded and the space is defined as a seating area, dining area, sleeping area, etc… get it?

A room that either lacks a rug or has one that is too small can have a feeling of chaos, that all the pieces of furniture are just floating around the room.  The majority of the time, you will want an 8’x10′ rug for the space.  See my diagrams below for ideas. 

Here is another…

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