Longer and Stronger Carpet Runners

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If you need something longer than a standard rug in your halls then it would be best to opt for a carpet runner. Carpet runners come in a variety of lengths and widths so when choosing make sure you take the correct measurements. The carpet runner should leave an edge between the wall and the carpet on both sides to reveal some of the flooring underneath.

Often carpet runners are used on wooden floors as protection or to hide scratches and fading but that’s not to say you can’t use them to protect your carpet! Chances are you are considering a carpet runner to hide damaged flooring. Usually the brunt of the damage will be near the middle of the flooring and so the edges should still look fairly new. When you use the carpet runner it should give the illusion of a new floor underneath as it will only reveal the newer looking flooring at the edges. When using a carpet runner on carpet, the edges of the carpet should also still look new. You might notice a colour difference between the edges and the middle of your carpet. The carpet runner will hide this difference. Carpet runners can also be used on stairs. If you have a hallway leading to stairs then you can get an extra long carpet runner to run the whole way along. This ensures a consistency of style. Whether your carpet runner is to hide damage or prevent it, it should always be of good quality. The carpet runner should be strong and durable to minimise wear and stains.

If you are especially worried about stains then it might be wise to opt for a patterned carpet runner as the pattern can hide a stain well. This is especially good for houses with small children and pets as they seem to carry the most dirt! If you don’t want a patterned carpet runner then a darker coloured one can hide a stain just as well. Just ensure the carpet runner matches well with the style of your home! Some people may want to opt for a light coloured carpet runner as they feel this will match the colour scheme and style of their home. Only do this if you are not expecting much foot or paw traffic in this area of the house or be prepared for a lot of upkeep!

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