Rugs Fit for a Castle

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If you have ever visited a castle and envied the traditional decor and the fantastic area rugswith their intricate detail then you should know you can easily replicate this look in your own home! Many places sell traditional rugs with ornate patterns that truly are fit for a castle. If your home has a traditional style, matched with a simple colour scheme, then consider investing in an ornate area rug to give your home that little bit of extra style.

There are hundreds of types of traditional rugs out there, many designer websites and shops will have a great selection but they are also available online from at a fraction of the cost. If considering an area rug then it is advised to spend a little more money than usual as the rug will receive a lot of wear and tear and the more you spend the more hardy it will be. It is often perceived that traditional rugs with an ornate pattern usually come in the colours red and gold but this is not the case. You can get all colours of traditional ornate rugs, and choose according to the colour scheme of your current home or designated room.

If you are reading this and your home has a modern look throughout then you can still use a traditional and ornate rug to revitalise your look, why not opt for a smaller rug rather than an area one. A smaller round rug carefully placed under a coffee table or lamp table can give a modern effect whilst incorporating the traditional look resulting in a unique effect that will be the envy of your guests. A large traditional rug under a dining table can really make a statement especially if the rest of the room is quite plain, with dark wooden floors and furniture.

A traditional blue rug can look fantastic with a cream and dark wood colour scheme, with splashes of blue decor to tie the whole room together, such as a blue vase or photo frame. Consider using a green and gold rug on your floor, this keeps in with the elegance but this also strays from the norm. That’s not to say you can’t use the traditional red and gold patterned rugs, they do look fantastic and can give your designated room instant warmth with an air of importance.


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