Carving another designer’s ideas

If you often find yourself lusting after a fashionable home filled with designer goodies you just can’t afford then why not consider going for a cheaper alternative that looks almost exactly the same! Many retailers offer great quality rugs that look the same as the real deal without the hefty price tag, with decor to match!
Invest in some home decorating magazines to get some ideas and then head to your local store where more often or not the selection of rugs and decor will be immeasurable. You can also look online for inspiration. If you know exactly what you want then go for it! Many designs are available and you can get your home looking fantastic for a fraction of the cost. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites containing decoration ideas and advice for free.

Often or not the designer magazines will portray an entire room or house which may make you envious, but with the right rug as your centrepiece it can be easy to copy the look you dream of. Opt for a similar colour scheme with decor and furniture to match, and then use your rug as the focal point to bring the room together.

Many designers use area rugs to really make a room look unique and stand out, and you can do the same with ease. It might take a little while but shopping around for the best prices and deals on the products you want can save you a lot of money.

If you are considering hiring a designer to come and help your design your perfect home then maybe you should try and design it on your own first to see what ideas you can come up with. Many designers have portfolios online or in store and it can be easy to copy the ideas they have without paying for their time. You can use their ideas to design your entire house, using fantastic rugs to ensure a beautiful overall look, with a sophisticated and fashionable finish.

Many people say rugs are usually the centrepiece of any room, even hallways so ensure you get the best one to compliment your decor, or buy your decor to compliment your rugs! With so many ideas and pictures on the market provided by designers you will never be short of an idea to decorate your home with the most modern and up-to-date rugs.


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