Your room before and after

Black and Red scroll rug

Black and Red scroll rug

It can be truly astonishing what little effort it can take to completely transform a room. Even the rearranging of some furniture can give a completely different effect. One of the easiest and practical ways to update and change a look of a room is to invest in an area rug. Choose your rug depending on the style of your room or area, or choose your decor depending on the style of your rug!

There are many different types of rugs available in many different shapes and styles, but finding one to suit your home can sometime prove quite difficult. Do you go for the modern, contemporary rug, the elegant and sophisticated one, or the vintage looking one? This all completely depends on the style of your room of choice. If you already have the decor and furniture you want in that room then it is wise to work around this when choosing your pattern and colour of rug.

If you furniture is all one colour with no pattern then it will be a lot easier to decide on colour and pattern when choosing your rug. Luckily, the variety and selection of rugs is huge so if your furniture and decor is heavily patterned then you should not have too much a problem finding something you like. Try and research into some different shaped rugs, for example round rugs can make a room appear larger and they can give a great, unique look to a room.

The colour and pattern of your rug should try to harmonise and blend with the decor you already have in place rather than compete and clash with it. If you have neutral tones then a brightly coloured block rug should really set off the mood and style of the room. A brightly coloured room can benefit from a patterned rug in a neutral tone to bring the style of the room together.

Rugs are well known for giving a room extra warmth and insulation, and with the increase of people having laminate and wooden flooring rugs are one of the most common decorating items used today. Always ensure your rug is of high quality as it will have to endure wear and tear, it is a good idea to consider foot traffic and pets so you have an idea as to what level of quality rug you should purchase.


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