Decorate around your rugs

Ziegler rugsRugs can often be the main focal point in a room, especially if it has a great colour and design and is placed centrally. Sometimes it is hard to decide quite how to design your room around your rug, and where to place your decor. If you have a bold rug make sure you know what will compliment the colours and pattern when it comes to deciding your decor.

Firstly, before even choosing your rug, note the colour of the room and the style of the flooring. It might be quite hard to choose a daring rug if you have a brightly coloured room with a dark floor and the temptation might be to go with a neutral colour. But it’s all about complimenting what you already have. Choosing a rug that is the same colour as the wallpaper, or even part of the wallpaper can work wonders. Neutral rugs can still be bold, and hold a great pattern which will draw the eye. If your walls are a very bright colour then a heavily patterned, neutral coloured rug can really bring the room together.

The next step is deciding on what decor to use around your rug. If you are lucky enough to be starting out with an empty room, then buy the rug first and use your judgement to decorate around it, ensuring it is the main focal point of the room. If you go for a bold rug, then use the colours in the rug for your decorations. For example, if you rug is a mixture of orange and red, then buy orange decorations to really set off the look. Your decorations can be paintings, ornaments and even furniture to create a great, stylish and contemporary room. Keeping your furniture a neutral colour can make a striking impression.

If opting for a bold neutral rug, then go bold with the colour of your furniture. You can get neutral cushions to go with a boldly coloured sofa, for example. Remember, you are trying to achieve a great looking, modern room where you and your guests can feel at their most relaxed. Heavy patterns can still accomplish this without being too overpowering on the eyes. Rugs can make a room look unique and remarkable, whilst adding warmth and life to any room. Choosing the right rug can make a dramatic impact on the overall look of your room.


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