First impressions, try using accent colours in your hall runners.

Carved Elements Carpet Runner
Accent colours are used to draw attention to your colour scheme and the best place to start doing this is with your hall runners. Hall runners and rugs are one of the best and most practical ways to change a style and update a room or area in your home. A new rug in the right colour can harmonise or contrast with your decor and furniture resulting in a great looking, stylish and contemporary home.

The hallway is usually one of the first areas visitors see when entering your home, therefore it is really important to make the right impression, and the right hall runner can do just that. It is important that your hall runner is of excellent quality and will withstand the wear and tear from regular foot traffic. Light coloured hall runners are often considered a bad idea as they will show up dirt and stains more than darker colours; you can however opt for a heavily patterned lightly coloured hall runner which will hide the stains much better than a block colour would.

The first thing is to check your decor and furniture and decide what colour hall runner would accentuate them most. Ask yourself what kind of impression to your want to give your visitors, modern and stylish, elegant and sophisticated? Once you have decided then it is time to choose your rug. If your decor is quite plain and solid-coloured then choose a patterned rug in a bright colour to really bring out the style element. If your furniture is heavily patterned then a subdued rug with subtle tones would really harmonise with the decor, bringing the area together.

If you have wooden or laminate flooring and not much else in the hall then you can work your decor around your rug. Choose a brightly coloured rug with patterns and tones and match the decor with some of the tones. If you have a red hall runner with orange and yellow tones, then why not try an orange lamp or a yellow frame. This gives your home an element of style and immediately updates the look of your hallway.

It is wise to ensure you hall is not heavily cluttered as you don’t want your hallway to look busy. This can prevent people from relaxing in your home. A bare hall can also have a negative effect. It is important to get an intermediate when decorating.


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