Fingerless cycling gloves, ideal for summer rides

If you prefer your cycle clothes to include gloves, to protect your palms and to improve your grip, summer can present a bit of a problem, as wearing full finger cycling glovesin hot weather is sticky and uncomfortable. Fingerless cycling gloves are the answer to this issue, as you still have the palm protection and the extra grip, but your fingers stay cool. Most types of gloves come in full or fingerless versions, so you don’t have to get used to a whole new feel every time the weather changes.Whatever the weather it is really not a good idea to go gloveless, especially if you are cycling on terrain which makes an accidental spill a possibility. Even fingerless gloves can give you quite a good degree of protection from grazes and if your training regime is quite tightly timetabled, you won’t want to lose any time off the road while you nurse injured palms or knuckles back to health. When you shop for your fingerless gloves you will be amazed at the huge range available and you will certainly find that you will be able to match the feel and specifications of your normal full gloves or mitts from the fingerless range.

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Some fingerless gloves are pretty basic leather models but going a little upmarket there are all kinds of extras available. Padding for the heel of the hand is pretty standard, but then you get into the realms of air cooled palms, strengthened panels for better grip and an absorbent strip on the back of the glove for wiping away sweat from your face. Suddenly, gloves don’t sound like quite such a basic piece of kit after all.

As with most other pieces of cycling clothing, it is really vital that you keep your gloves clean by frequent washing. It is a totally false economy to make do with only one pair and swill them through when you have a moment. Have at least three pairs; one to wear, one as a spare pair and one in the wash. This way, the one in the wash can be gently hand washed and allowed to dry naturally – there is nothing worse for any man-made fibre, especially when synthetic leather is part of the mixture, than being dried on the top of a radiator or even (worse still) in the tumble drier.


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