I want a rug dot com

Encove Ltd has just launched iwantarug.com a brand new website for marketing and selling rugs. The challenge was to create a website that had the same low prices and fast dispatch as their highly rated Rugzone.co.uk website but enhancing the on-line experience by making it even easier to navigate.

The conventional way to search for a rug on a websites is to continually click through the endless categories of rug ranges hoping that you find the colour shape and size. Searching for rugs with iwantarug.com is very different to that of our competitors. We understand that customers generally don’t think of rugs by brand in the same way as they would say an electrical appliance. This means generic descriptions of rugs vague so searching using keywords is less effective.

At the iwantarug.com site you are not presented with a bank of categories; instead you simply narrow your search by selecting the shape of the rug you require. The next stage is to identify whether you want small rugs, medium rugs or large rugs, then the basic colour spectrum. In as little as three clicks your option are narrowed to just handful of rugs that should suit your requirements in shape, size, colour and of course price. Additionally there is a quick link on the description of the listing that when clicked will show you all other size and shape options in the selected colour and design.

Once you have selected your rugs, ordering is a simple process of completing your details and selecting your method of payment. You can pay with your credit card via our secure server or over the phone, if you have a PayPal or Goolge account you also have that payment option too. The delivery turnaround is fast, orders from stock paid for Monday to Friday before 2pm the rug should be delivered to your home the next working day.

All in all, the customer has the benefit of buying from one of the most experienced rug sellers on the Internet today.


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