Accessorizing your home with rugs

Rug StainsAs homes in the UK are being adorned with so many earthy and natural tones it is beginning to feel like we are all refugees from the planet Ikea. With this minimalistic approach to decor that uses a typical combination of hardwood floors, leather suites, natural oak or glass dining tables and plain walls it basically comes down to the accessorizing of the soft furnishings and rugs to give a room individually.

Accessorizing simply means dressing the windows with curtains or blinds, hanging a picture there, scattering a few cushions here, sticking a vase in the corner and throwing a couple rugs to the floor. The advantage of minimalistic decor is accessorizing not just for the reason that it’s quick and easy to change the mood of a room, but it can be fun too. Because they can instantly add colour, texture and proportion, rugs can add immediate impact and take a room to new dimension. The shape of the rug is often ignored as we naturally think of rugs as being oblong, but many styles are also available round, oval or square. Rugs can be plain, tonal or patterned and come with a range of interesting textures. Just changing the shape of the rugs from oblong to circular or from plain to patterned can make a massive difference to overall atmosphere of a room.

Patterned Shaggy RugBy far the most popular styles today are shaggy rugs; these rugs are available in a vast combination of sizes, shapes and fibre types. Different fibres will produce so many diverse textures they simply have to be seen to be appreciated. Design is also a key element in shaggy rugs today as these can range from colourful retro styles to mundane tonal variants to shaggy rugs produced using rough cut leather strips.

Rugs can be used to theme a room for example animal prints designs such a zebra, tigers or leopards can give an ambience to a room whereas funky flowers and Union Jack designs can give the room the flavour of fun. Traditional design rugs can also bring elegance and majesty to a room while modern design rugs can produce an atmosphere of distinctiveness. Some rugs have features such as hand carving that follows the contour of the design, giving the pattern extra dimension. Other rugs come with design rudiments in a mix of velvet, plush, loop and twist textures that bestow contrasting depths and pattern elements.

Next time you shop for a rug think about what overall look you wish to achieve in your room and how it will fill your living space. Take into account shape, texture and design and remember a rug can be your most visible decorative accessory; it can say a lot about you, it can be as individual as you.


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