It’s great value that builds customer loyalty

Cheap and nasty products simply don’t cut the mustard when it come to building customer loyalty! In these recession bitten times it is more important to give the customer best value for money rather than a cheap price on a lousy product. Giving the customer better value for money increases loyalty meaning they’re more likely to recommend friends, in turn their friends are only likely to buy if they also perceive the product as great value.

Recently we have been looking to replace a discounted rug range, the product had been one of our biggest selling ranges but after six years of production the manufacturer decided to put it out to pasture. This product was a big seller for one simple reason, it was such good value. To replace the range has proven difficult as the alternate products offered by manufacturers were budget, cheaper versions of the original. Because we wanted the replacement rug to be equivalent or better than the original we New  Shaggy designs under developmentcommissioned a manufacturer to produce a chunkier version, virtually doubling the pile weight of one of their existing ranges. The samples have now been produced of the new heavier quality and look and handle miles better than the original range it is replacing.

The deal has been done so we will soon be offering this new yet to be named 3.5kg heavy weight shaggy rug in options of plain, tonal and patterned and in sizes ranging from Small 80cm x 150cm at around £39.99 to X Large 200cm x 290cm at around £169.99.


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